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Thread: Tyson - Host, Season 2

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    Tyson - Host, Season 2

    Bio: Tyson Beckford is one of the most respected and well-known male supermodels in the world. His modeling career exploded when he appeared in the Fall 1994 Polo Sport campaign. He soon landed an exclusive multi-year contract with Ralph Lauren and served as the spokesmodel for Polo Sport and Polo Fragrances. Beckford has appeared on covers and in countless editorials for a variety of magazines worldwide. Beckford's film credits include Into The Blue, Zoolander, Biker Boyz, Hotel California and Kings of the Evening. He has starred in a number of music videos including 50 Cent's chart topping "21 Questions," and the Grammy Award-winning songs "Toxic" by Britney Spears and "Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton. In his free time, he actively participates in charities such as "Keep A Child Alive." When Beckford is not modeling or acting, he is busy developing his motor sports interests, which has led him to become a licensed driving member of SuperTunersS and host of his own auto show.

    Tyson Beckford | Bravo TV Official Site

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    Re: Tyson - Host, Season 2

    I remember reading pre-show that people were ecstatic that Niki wasn't in this season as they found her to be very dull as a host. But honestly, I find Tyson as dull, if not more, as Niki. He's definitely a respectable model, but just not that great of a host.

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    Re: Tyson - Host, Season 2

    Plus he cannot talk! Oh my god, he's soooooooo slow when he talks. I want to smack the back of his head to see if it speeds him up. He's one of those who should just stand there and look pretty. Spokesmodel he is not.

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    Re: Tyson - Host, Season 2

    The World According to Tyson, Volume 1:
    Beckford wants celebs to stop doing mag covers

    Mar 18, 4:46 PM (ET)

    NEW YORK (AP) - He's crossed over from modeling to acting, but Tyson Beckford says he wishes actors and musicians wouldn't jump into the business that made him famous.

    Beckford, host of Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel," says that when they do, it takes jobs away from models.

    "You have to do a lot of tweaking and airbrushing to get the same from a celebrity that you would get from a model. A lot of celebrities - I'm gonna tell you right now - they're not 5'11"; they're not a size 2 to fit into these designer dresses, but the designers want exposure so they're willing to make the specific dress for that actor or actress to get them to look good on the cover."

    But the 38-year-old says he believes the fashion business is cyclical, and celebrity magazine covers will be out of style someday.

    "It'll all come back around. One day some designer will wake up and say, 'You know what? I don't want to use Gwyneth Paltrow. I want to use Adriana Lima, I want to use Gisele (Bundchen), I want to go back to the high fashion. I think slowly but surely you'll see that start happening."

    Meanwhile, Beyonce graces the cover of Vogue's April issue, and Drew Barrymore is on the cover of "W" magazine.
    Wow. That's just...well there's no way to sugarcoat it, that's just DUMB!

    If for no other reason than his example, Gwyneth Paltrow, is probably skinnier than Giselle. But the larger point is, he's against designers tailoring their clothes to real people for public consumption. So, we should all be sticking our fingers down our throats?

    Also, he assumes that celebrities are trying to act like models on magazine covers. They don't need to; the reason they are on the cover is that there's a story about them inside.

    Not to mention his complete ignorance of the economics of publishing: Celebs on covers = sell magazines. Unknown models on covers = sell less magazines.

    One could say that Beckford should stop trying to act. His resume is a list of forgotten B-movies. If it weren't for MMAS, he'd probably be scraping for work right now.
    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln
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    Re: Tyson - Host, Season 2

    Actors, professional athletes, fashion models, and CEO's can take a flying leap into the ocean as far as I am concerned. They are, for the most part, self-absorbed spoiled brats who are completely disconnected with mainstream America.

    I think Tyson's remarks are reflective of this. People are starving and dying from horrible diseases, and yet his burning issue is who among the rich should get richer. He's no worse than most of the others, though. Maybe a little more dumb for saying such a thing out loud, though.

    It's one of the big reasons I'm attracted to reality tv. I'd MUCH rather see an average person making their way through challenging situations than an overpaid actor merely regurgitating someone else's lines. My only issue is when the reality "stars" become "real" stars and cop attitudes like the rest of them, i.e. completely forgetting where they came from and who put them there (Clay Aiken comes to mind).

    I can't even get upset by Tyson's remarks because they are just too stupid and unimportant.

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    Re: Tyson - Host, Season 2

    I'm more concerned with him calling Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen "high fashion" when those girls are completely in their own Victoria's Secret niche and would never be called on to do anything other than wear some lingerie and bounce around on a rose petal covered catwalk.

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