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Thread: Make Me A Supermodel (US) - Season 2 News & Speculation

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    Re: Make Me A Supermodel (US) - Season 2

    I've heard that Jonathan is already an established, successful model, he was doing the show to up his profile. Branden & Sandhurst could be very commercial. I think Sandhurst's dance background will hurt him in the edgy/editorial arena.

    If Colin can learn how to utilize his body, he could be a VERY successful model in both editorial & commercial work. He does seem to be able to learn & take advantage of their advice.

    I do agree that it's a guys to lose this year. The girls are nothing special, though Salome does have a fawn like innocence about her. The models from ANTM are more unique & prettier (not to mention in better shape!)

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    I miss season 1

    I miss season one. I can't help but to feel that the first season showed more of the models lives in the house, it showed the models actually training and getting hints from others.

    This season just seems like it's a variation of America's Next Top Model, sans drama.

    Last year we had a couple of personalities that were fun to invest time in. Bronnie might have been a monstrous entity, but next to Bronnie you also had Perry and his cronies, and Fabio Frankie.

    Who do we have this year? Jonathan is the new Perry, without much personality and character. Sandhurst, the dead-set winner or runner-up to Jonathan. Colin who is never anything more than a virgin. Gabe who got saved from elimination three times too often for no real reason.

    The girls this year seem to whine a lot. Jordan has no upper lip and hips the size of Kansas, a personality so rotten it scares off even flies.

    Last year was fun, this year it seems like a chore.

    Also the focus this year is on the girls, last year it was on the men. I think it's wiser to focus more on the men, because that is what sets this show apart from shows like ANTM which is mainly concerned with skinny girls modelling. Men bring in something unknown to the mox. Male Models seem very much a rarity.

    Manhunt went down with a whimper (I still love you Hunter Daniel) but the first season of MMASM proved that there is a market out there. Also noting that these shows are mainly viewed by women and homosexual men, it's not exactly a wrong movie to give the mancandy more exposure.

    There's a reason why last season the women got voted off one at a time by the public... which brings me to the whole voting thing. Having the public vote makes it far more interesting than having a jury vote. They went from active to passive viewer-participation.

    This season seems to be lacking in dynamic elements. I find it a damn dirty shame, because the first season was so damn fun!

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