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Thread: Ideas I had while watching F.L.O.M. last night!!!

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    Ideas I had while watching F.L.O.M. last night!!!

    I was watching For Love or Money (FLOM) last night and was fascinated with the concept and the psychological aspects that the process would entail. It will be interesting to see how this will play out. I found that it must be hard on the woman to be rejected now not because they care about Rob, but because they lost a chance at some loot. That is what the tears will be for in this show.

    It got me to thinking. I would like to see a show that truly allowed for the GUY (or female main character) to get a chance to see what the girls (or guys) are REALY like. Although Rob came to lunch, it would have been more telling had he busted in on breakfast and seen them first thing in the morning...yikes, but REAL! THEN I thought about an idea that these "reality" shows could encoporate and I wanted to run it by you guys to hear what you think.

    WHAT IF, prior to Rob being introduced, the television crew announced that the night before all the women were going to a club to hang out and get to know each other and the cameras would role so that they could get various shots for editing purposes, etc. Then Rob (which they don't know what he looks like) comes into the club and casually and "Secretely" flirts with the women, stikes up conversations as if he is some other faceless guy. He NEVER says anything to them about who he is and then dissapears. He will then be loaded with useful tidbits into their less protected personality traits. But on top of that, the looks on the faces of thoses that shunned him at the club would be priceless upon seeing him on the show for the first introductions. That would be an instant classic and I think would make great TV & give the Main Character some inside information.

    Seriously what do you think about the concept...about finding a way for the choosing person (i.e. Rob, Trista, etc) to find out in a more natural way the more true personalities of the competitors.


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    I love that idea.

    Women in particyular seem to behave very differently around each other than they do around the guy their vying for.

    I think it would be a real eye-opener.
    I would have loved for Trista to see into the Bachelor pad and note that they were having a great time, just mates hanging out together.
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    Keep in mind... these shows record everything that is going on, and then show that material to the Bachelor/Bachelorette beforehand... they showed Rob everything they wanted him to see to help steer his decision, so it wasn't like all he knew of the girls was what he got from talking to them. All their private interviews and all their moments on camera at the house were available, and the producers can then choose what to show him.

    It's NOT reality... it's just not scripted.

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    Wannbepele, I love your idea!

    Brockdrywall, I didn't know that Rob (or previous reality show contestants) are shown footage of stuff taken when they're not present. That's interesting, and also explains a lot of things. How do you know that? And do you know it for sure? I assumed a lot of coaxing and tweaking was probably going on behind the scenes, but maybe the producers just "coax" the contestants by showing them footage that they know will sway them the way they want to be swayed. So ... who decides what they get to see? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    I've heard that about past shows... so I assume they use the same trick here. This show has 6 writers... why? Because they create story lines, then prompt the 'participants' to follow...

    For instance: how did Rob decide that the last two standing would be Paige and Cristy? His choice, or NBCs?

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    Likely NBCs, but I would assume there was a special order prearranged anyway... and like the Bachelor, he had to submit his selections ahead of time.

    I'm willing to live with dramatic editing, but the best stuff is always stuff that can't be staged and faked.... like scarfing down the cookies and 'it matches the rug!'
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    Originally posted by brockdrywall
    Keep in mind... these shows record everything that is going on, and then show that material to the Bachelor/Bachelorette beforehand... It's NOT reality... it's just not scripted.
    I've always believe that. Plus it would explain a lot. Like Trista choosing Ryan instead of Charlie. I'm digressing. Never mind.

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to let you know that regardless of what you may have heard about other shows, Rob did not see any footage of the women during any part of this show. His choices were strictly based on his face to face appearances with all the girls.
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    And would this be insider information???
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    Where I worked no contestant saw any footage but pressure was there.

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