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Thread: Another Cancer Man (Astrology not Disease)

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    Another Cancer Man (Astrology not Disease)

    I cannot believe they picked another CANCER man. Rob is a CANCER. Andrew from B3 is a CANCER. Evan from JM is a CANCER. I know a few Cancerians and they are great people. In social circumstances they are very SHY. If they are not "comfortable" with the person, they can appear "stupid" etc. etc. Note I said "appear" because shyness does not cause you to be stupid. All these guys I know that are CANCER are extremely successful in their lives with lots of money, power and friends. Only when it comes to girls are they shy. I don't know why but that is just how it is

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    Cancerian, here

    I am a Cancer & I only wish I had money power & great success. But everything else you said suits me to a tee. I guess I'm a little more outgoing than most cancerians, but I do experience occassional extreme shyness. Not sure how the ladies feel about it, but I haven't really heard any complaints. Maybe they find it endearing.


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    Do you know what signs the other two Bachelors were?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I know Aaron was a Taurus. No sure about Alex

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