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Thread: Paige

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    She took down her discussion board because so many people were posting photos of her at parties (half naked) and in her swimsuit competitions or whatever they are. Some of her ex-friends posted photos with descriptions and she emailed them back stating that she wasn't taking them down because she was upset w/ then, but that she's trying to avoid all the negativity and surround herself w/ positive & supportive people. I think she's trying to mask her past. She's not doing a very good job, because accusations are flying all over the place. If you have access to Publicdata.com, you can find out all kinds of stuff about her. She got busted driving w/out a licence when she was 14 or 15 and she had to go to court for that. There's also record that her parents were divorced when she was young, so maybe the fact that she had no father figure might lead one to believe she's looking for "dad" or some kind of male role model.

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    just my theory on the whole "innocent" thing.

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    She plays the role so well that ole Rob boy won't even see it. And won't it be great as he gets dumped for the cash.

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    Dallas Girls

    Paige is exactly what Rob is looking for. They probably dated before the show.

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    And are probably dating now... from what I can see, it's a happy ending. They deserve each other.

    As long as they get none of the blood money.

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    Maybe I am giving her too much credit... but I think Paige is just the best at playing the game. The innocent and in love act will keep some of the women feeling a little guilty about crushing her on their way to the money. Paige may walk out of this with what she really wants - Cash and Publicity.

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    Originally posted by Eden
    Smell my inside
    This just frightens me. :

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    I read this on another board, but recent pictures of Paige show her without her chastity/promise ring I think the two of them might deserve each other.

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    Personally, I love Paige. I think she's absolutely adorable, sweet, the whole bit. However, I hope she does not win, because I think she could do much better than Rob. Is it just me, or did he seem to be a smug jackass from the beginning? He just seems a little over confident to me, but hey, that's just my opinion

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    Re: Paige

    Originally posted by robsnemesis
    Personally, I love Paige. I think she's absolutely adorable, sweet, the whole bit.
    You DO realize that's Miss Dallas Nightclub, 2001, and radio station 'Party Ho' you're talking about there, right?

    Where you eat breakfast, do they serve flapjacks with a heaping helping of naive on the side?

    mmmm... flapjacks....

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