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Thread: Paige

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    I'd like to reiterate:

    She has a tongue ring.
    She gave herself a promise ring to re-inforce her new vow of chastity.

    Anyone else see a contradiction here? In addition to being cute and wholesome... she's obviously got the skills to be hot and sexy... and probably just as in touch with her inner bitch as the Glamour Twins. I'm guessing sweet little Paige is more woman than Rob is really prepared to handle.

    However, I think I'd be just about a match for her

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    Do any of the other women have their own websites?
    Maybe Paige actually won on the show and is laying the groundwork with her website and products for future media attention...

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    Good point... she's the only one.

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    Originally posted by brockdrywall
    I'm guessing sweet little Paige is more woman than Rob is really prepared to handle.
    However, I think I'd be just about a match for her
    With your looks, cell phone and natty attire (not to mention that quote by the great Phil Hartman) you should have no problem whatsoever.

    Does little Paige have a "contact me" option on her site? I say, go for it, you smooth-talking devil.

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    Ah yes... I often hear the sweet sound of panties hitting the floor when I bust out my best Phil Hartman stuff on the town... Caveman Lawyer, Frankenstein Christmas carols, and of course the whole Bill McNeil retinue... Paige will be eponymously-thonged putty in my hands

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    Mizz Piper
    Brock, you are a pistol! Very funny posts.

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    Oh sweet Jesus... sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

    Paige's website has an open forum on it, and someone has set up a poetry section: http://pub162.ezboard.com/flovepaigejonesfrm8

    Must not read at work... caffeinated bevarages expectorated thru nose very corrosive to sensitive computer parts...

    A sample:

    Time for some really bad rhymin'
    I can’t say I love Paige Jones
    I don’t even know her
    She’s just a girl on my telly
    Though her eyes do certainly smolder

    If she’s half the person she seems
    She’s twice as good as most
    If the boring dude on the show has sense
    The rest of the girls are toast

    I hope life serves Paige well
    Get out and get famous, don’t dawdle
    ‘Cause you seem real bright
    and would make a great role model

    This is my first poetry since grade school
    And that’s a heckuva long time
    Poetry’s obviously not my forte
    Perhaps I should be a mime

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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    Admit it Brock, that one was yours...
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Not that innocent

    If Paige wants people to think that she is soooo innocent maybe she should take out her TONGUE RING!!!!! and I have heard that she has a huge tatoo on her back and another one on her stomache.... didn't she say "I hope he doesn't think that I am a virgin....Cause I'm not"... what a great sentence and nice grammer...."cause I'm not"... I for one am not buying her innocent act.... she is quite annoying

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    I kinda like the reformed porn star theory... the tongue ring is a dead giveaway for a girl who, um, likes that people know she likes sex.... the whole Britney act. I hope she has her website name tatooed on her back, like a boxer. She's pretty marketing-savvy...

    Especially for 21-year old southern girls... tongue rings are nothing but an ad for available oral.

    Which is nice of them to do, because sometimes that's just so hard to find.

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