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Thread: Paige

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    This one is from two years ago...

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    Woooowwwww! Thanks for the pics. She looks awesome. I reaaally love her personality. She's by far the best on the show. She's young, sweet, loving, and fun. I don't like any of the other girls because they're rather old, tired, mean, bitchy, boring, and overbearing. They're a bunch of witches compared to Paige. As women grow older, they become more ugly, mean, bossy, and domineering. I'll take a young one like Paige any day. She's still sweet and nice. Why would I want a ballbreaker like the other women.

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    wow, NoHo... I certainly hope you never get older... wouldn't want you trurning ugly, mean, bossy and domineering

    Kind of painting with a broad brush there aren't you?
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Re: Turn that Paige!

    Originally posted by CaliGirl
    Paige is a calculating woman, make no mistake. She grabs every opportunity to make out with Rob (who's obviously got problems of his own) and yet she wears a "promise ring." Talk about mixed messages.

    Last night, when she thought she was about to be eliminated, she was truly scared for the first time. Rob dissed her in the limo in front of Kelly when he yelled at her that she was "too young" for him. She was so crushed, and now she's back for more.

    She's a total sellout.
    That's exactly how I sum Paige up too, CaliGirl...
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    i cannot stand this girl. she is so incredibly fake and ridiculous. she posses none of the natural beuty the other girls possess and i also believe every horrible thing everybody is dgging up about her. she is a total fraud. people may think that kelly is a b**ch and erin is calculating, but at least they're true to their personalities. paige is like a b-grade actress...constant melodrama no real substance. why would she say that her "date" with rob was, "the best date ever!"? that was lamest most boring 5 minutes i've ever spent watching television. at least kelly was there to make fun of her.

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    Paige's pantys

    Unless you are buying them as a gag gift who would ever buy Paige's thongs? Who is buying and what for?

    If you got them for the wife or girlfriend what would they think? or boyfriend/ husband?

    If I got a chance to see that that's what they were wearing I would run away.

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    Originally posted by NoHoArtist
    As women grow older, they become more ugly, mean, bossy, and domineering. I'll take a young one like Paige any day.
    And with that, NoHo alienates every woman over the age of 25.

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    All this you guys are saying about paige is so funny to me, I went to junior high and high school with paige and people do change, but she has made a huge change from when I knew her. Or else she is doing a very good job at acting like an angel

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    you mean she used to be a dirty little birdy???
    Now there's a SURPRISE!!!

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    yep, but seriously, like someone wrote before, in this day, who isnt. Im not saying that sleeping with someones husband is right, i think that is just horrible, but everyone has secrets. Anyone that becomes famous always has secrets dug up.

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