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Thread: Paige

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    Okay maybe I am crazy but here's why I think Rob took Paige over Laura:

    1. Laura is overbearing/too much for him because of her size, stature
    2. He felt guilty about embarassing Paige in the car
    3. Paige is playing games with his head (such as the comments about sleeping with him and the trick she pulled near elimination by not seeing him).
    4. Producers. Those *sick* producers. Gotta keep it interesting. :nono

    I wonder what they said to Rob about not taking Laura. This happened on the Bachelorette with Trista too - she took this awful guy Greg that she had no interest in because the producers told her to. I wonder if they offer money or if they sign some paperwork that says they have to comply with producers' requests. Rob didn't have anything to say to Laura which was really suspect. It's disappointing too because I think that would have been the spice this episode needed at the end.

    At least Paige is around for added drama. Loved her speaking for Kelly to Erin in this ep. Paige is no angel.

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    Paige... good grief

    I can't believe he picked Paige. He oveously thinks she is too young for him. He has said this on a couple occasioins.

    It must be rigged! She is way too much! Acts way too young... I think this and I am only 24. .....

    Who do ya guys think will go next?

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    Re: Paige... good grief

    Originally posted by flashdancer12
    I can't believe he picked Paige. He oveously thinks she is too young for him. He has said this on a couple occasioins.

    I am not surprised if he is on more of the kinky side

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    Rob's lying...... too young my ass, he probably thinks he's a 't33n' (pervert) himself. In fact I think the secret of Rob is he's just an immature teenage brat wannabe!

    Why else would he dump the oldest (perfect-for-his-age) chick of the bunch? Why? You tell me!

    I don't know about you people but I think many of you are duped by Paige's innocence, you know the fact that she "seems" to care more for Rob over the money, and I think Paige's the one who's playing these stupid (mind) games. At least Laura was honest (in front of cameras) about taking the million bucks when it comes down to it but Paige, on the other hand, would just put on a "I'm a know nothing high schooler" who LOVES to be part of a cinderella story and live happily ever after princess wannabe... Oh btw she's in it for the MILLION dollars too :rolleyes:

    Rob and many of you here don't get your hopes up too high rooting for little miss princess Paige

    Paige is no angel.

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    I agree that paige seems to be a sweet girl. However I think that Rob is playing with her because he sees that she doesnt have high self esteem. He seemed to be a jerk when he put her down about her age. I think she is a nice girl overall but I think Rob is looking for someone with much more confident. I think he will play her till the end and kick her out at the very end for someone like Kelly.

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    Too calculating for her own good

    Laura was too forceful, overbearing. Rob will play right into Paige's hands because she (due to skillful producer editing) has come across as the only caring, "genuine" girl so far. Her love-struck looks & age will come into play, especially now that Rob knows about the million dollars.

    (I'm not so sure he didn't know about it before. Why not act like a jerk just to see how far he can go? These girls will take it for a million bucks!)

    My theory is: he will pick Paige because of her "innocence". She's too young to be that calculating. She will want him for him not the money.

    SUCKER!!! (Go Lauren! She's the only one who been honest & up-front)

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    She was a little pouty last night when he said she was too young for him.
    That comment obviously hurt her feelings, but she could easily have said the old "age is just a number" thing and shown a greater level of maturity.

    I'm glad she stayed because she's entertaining.
    I think she's a cutie too, such a sweet face.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    (due to skillful producer editing)
    I agree that there is editing, but I completely believe it is not the show that is editing Paige to make her look sweet and caring,but Paige editing Paige to make her look that way.

    Paige is playing this game very well, and is making herself look good in the process by giving the producers that footage to work with. When I've heard all the other ladies talk about her, they even comment on how nice and sweet she is but they don't know if it's really her or an act.
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    I like Paige, such a pretty girl and she is entertaining. I always feel sorry for the girls that get so caught up in finding their soulmate when it's so obvious the guy isn't the ONE for her.

    However, my boyfriend is scared s&*%less of her and calls her the psycho stalker.
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    hailie jade 16
    hahaha it's because my name is Émilie and I write from mimi hahaha so funny

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