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Thread: Erin

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    hailie jade 16
    I think she on the show for the money she doesn't love Rob

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    Erin could use some money for a new haircut. That bit hanging in her eyes annoys me.

    Well, I liked Erin until she said she was no 60% for the money and 40% for Rob. She should be 90% for the money because Rob is the ur-tool.

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    I am a sports fan, but know very little about John Brodie. The only 49ers QBs I know of are Montana, Young, and Garcia. This is what I found about John Brodie:

    Brodie, John R.
    b. Aug. 14, 1935, San Francisco, CA

    In three seasons as a quarterback at Stanford University, Brodie completed 296 of 536 passes for 3,594 yards and 19 touchdowns. He was a consensus All-American in 1956, his senior season, when he led the nation in passing.

    Brodie joined the NFL's San Francisco 49ers in 1957 but didn't become the starting quarterback until his fifth season. He led the league in completion percentage in 1958 with 59.9, in 1965 with 61.9, and in 1968 with 57.9.

    When the American Football League launched an all-out financial attack on the established NFL by trying to sign some of its best players, especially quarterbacks, Brodie became the highest-paid player of the time in 1967 by signing a 4-year, $827,000 contract with San Francisco.

    His finest season came in 1970, when he led all NFL quarterbacks with 223 completions in 378 attempts for 2,941 yards and 24 touchdowns, with only 10 interceptions. He was named the league's player of the year, but the 49ers lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC's championship game.

    Brodie retired after the 1973 season and worked as a commentator on network broadcasts of pro football and golf. A fine golfer, Brodie shot a 67 in the second round of the 1960 Yorba Linda Open to move into second place. However, he finished in a tie for 24th with an even par 288. He later played in PGA senior tour events.

    During his NFL career, Brodie completed 2,469 of 4,491 passes for 31,548 yards and 214 touchdowns. He had 224 passes intercepted.

    Perhaps he is playing on Senior Tour now? That's life's ultimate Mulligan. Erin certainly doesn't need money. But I don't blame her for going for it.

    P.S. If my memory serves me right, former Atlanta Falcons QB Chris Chandler is the son-in-law of John Brodie. Is he married to Erin's sister? They didn't say Erin is divorced.
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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Ummmmmm Erin's daddy is rich .. not Erin

    Wanting to strike out on your own and have your own nest egg is a good thing. These people who live off of their parents into their dotage ( the child not the parent) make me shake my head. How can you think you have accomplished anything when you are 30, never been married, have no kids and you are still living at home. Go west young man! break out and forge a path of your own!
    Go for it Erin, the money you EARN is better than the money that is handed to you.
    (not talking about the million I am talking about the carreer path Erin might take after the show airs.. that earned money. this show is not earning money that just makes you a prostitute)
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    FORT Fanatic mimi's Avatar
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    Hey, just because Erin's daddy made a decent salary over 30 years ago doesn't mean he invested it wisely and is still a wealthy man. And it's also possible he wasn't very involved in Erin's upbringing, and perhaps he merely doled out his monthly child support payments and that was the extent of it. I doubt that Erin was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, although it's very possible. Maybe her daddy is rich, maybe she is rich, or maybe neither one of them is. I didn't notice Erin pulling any Gucci clothes out of her designer luggage bags, at any rate.

    I think it would be cool to have a famous pro football player for a father, though. I'll bet she gets to meet a lot of interesting people, especially if her brother in law is Chris Chandler.

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder if she can chuck a football as far as Tina Fab? I'd love to see those two duke it out!

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    Originally posted by mimi

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder if she can chuck a football as far as Tina Fab? I'd love to see those two duke it out!
    That's exactly what I've been thinking! My bet is on Tina Fab.

    BTW, Chris Chandler is married to her sister, Diane.

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    The preponderance of evidence would seem to indicate that she does not yet have enough money to buy a hot meal...


    Perhaps she can celebrate after the show is over with 3 M&Ms and a white zin with ice...

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    I have read the posts about Erin and I think the air needs to be cleared on a few issues. First off I am related to Erin so I hope this post does not come off to scewed. Erin does not have any sort of eating disorder, she is athletic , like the rest of the family. As far as her dad being John Brodie that is true, John is an excellent father, is very involved with his children, now and when they were growing up, and NO Erin does not have a "silver spoon" in her mouth. Yes Chris Chandler is Erins' Brother-in-Law. Please believe me when I say this is a very close family, and a normal family. Everyone is supportive of Erin, and this show. With regrds to Erin, she is as classy as she is pretty, and as far from materialistic as you can get. Erin is not driven by money, and knows that is not hte most important thing in life. I feel very strongly that if all the na-sayers had a chance to get to really know Erin, they would see her the way Her family and friends do. having said that... I hope Erin wins, and takes the MOney.. Rob is a complete DORK.

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    I think if Erin does win she will take the money, I certainly hope so anyway.

    She just doesn't seem attracted to Rob, not that I can blame her.

    The idea that she might have any kind of eating disorder never crossed my mind personally, she just seems a trim athletic type of person to me.

    Thanks for posting here haydnlake
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    FORT Fanatic mimi's Avatar
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    Okay, what is up with all of those facial contortions on last night's show? Does she only know how to move one side of her mouth? What WAS that?

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