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Thread: TV Review: for Love or Money

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    Isn't this show being pre-empted for the IQ test show tonight?

    Never mind, wrong network.
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    Wow! Did anyone else catch this in the credits?

    "Senior story editor: Steven M. Bortko; Story editors: Elayne Cilic, Suzanne Pate, Shye Sutherland"

    Four writers to put together this reality show. And I ain't buying the editor/writer hairsplitting... stories don't originate organically... they have these folks working behind the scenes after they review the footage to decide how to steer the contestants... maybe they will take the bad girl finds redemption in true love angle with Kelly and show her giving up her lifelong dream of $500 sunglasses to find her true luxury item in the swarthy arms of a male-pattern-baldness ChicanoScot who enjoys sailing (as opposed to all of those people who actively despise this leisure activity) and is proud to call himself a born-again devout American!

    If I had known that writing this stuff was a career option, I'd have chosen a very different tack in college... can't you see them getting some Barton Fink type in the studio, slaving away behind his keyboard, staying true to his principles while the execs scream about more hot girl-girl hot tub action and John Goodman lights the whole damn mansion on fire screaming 'I'll show you the life of the mind!'

    Ouch. Too early in the morning for that much ranting...

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    This show definately has potential. It's becoming the Jerry Springer of reality TV. Start with a little booty kicking, surely we get some delicious catfights eventually. I'll be watching while I can, next season might go to pay per view.

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