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Thread: Just Friends...Imagine That!

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    Just Friends...Imagine That!

    In Caleb's interview at the FLOM4 web site he says (these aren't exact quotes, you'll have to read the article--if you care ):

    "Rachel's giving up the million dollars was a nice gesture." (Gesture? I'll say. Rather stupid and not all that well thought out, too.)

    "I guess I forgot to tell her that I'm a major commitment-phobe." (Yeah, that might have been an important piece of information to share.)

    "We've realized that we're better off being just friends." (No offense, but if you forgot to share that information with me and I lost a million dollars over it, I wouldn't exactly consider you major friend material.)

    Oh, and P.S., he figured the odds were pretty great that he didn't have a million dollar mystery check, he had watched both FLOM1 and 2 and he assumed that she was playing for money, and he was expecting that if she chose him and he chose her over the money they'd get to split the million dollars (or however much she was playing for).

    Turns out good old Caleb was more slimey than we ever thought Rachel was.
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    Who played who??? Too funny.

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    Good to see the pattern of Reality TV 'romance' continues.

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    "I guess I forgot to tell her that I'm a major commitment-phobe."
    Why did Caleb even bother to go on the show then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley
    Why did Caleb even bother to go on the show then?
    Probably hoping for fame and fortune, or simply for his 15 minutes.
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    I KNEW IT! I knew there was something fishy about him picking her over the mystery check. They threw in too many comments from him about being suspicious and being commitment-phobic for him to be genuine.
    What I still can't figure out is why the hell she picked him over her money, unless she, like Caleb, thought they'd get to split a big check if they chose each other. Neither of them seemed to care one lick about the other over the money up until the end, so I'm glad to see I'm not crazy.

    I liked Caleb all along, dog though he was. I'm pleased to know he wasn't as blinded as the finale led us to believe.

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    i'm glad neither of them got the money..they were both sneaky and gross...haha..

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