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Thread: 8/9 Finale recap: "One Million Goodbyes"

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    The pants thing had me rolling. So funny. It makes me want to buy red pants. I need my own "the pants of snark".

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy

    . His voice speeds up, and he begins to drop phrases like “increase your value”, “odds” and “low APR financing.”

    who-all Rachel is kissing (that would be everyone), what Rachel is thinking (about who’s the biggest sucker) and whether David can really be as naïve as he seems to be (he is. And they didn’t wonder that. Not out loud. But you know you did.)

    I beg to differ, but then I don’t have to roll around with her on a beach, so I guess I don’t get a vote here.

    I mean, if a man were to tell me he’d pick me over a dollar, that’s fine, but he shouldn’t expect me to be too flattered, because it’s not like he’s giving up a lot. Twenty dollars, maybe.
    I wish I would have seen the finale, but your jokes are probably better anyway.

    In a hilarious moment, David informs us that actually, the limber-tongued Rachel --- actually isn’t all that good a kisser. I am cracking up that he outed her as a bad kisser on national TV.
    Oh my god. He DID NOT.

    “You don’t have to tell me that,” David says, although the fact that he’s still there indicates that he, in fact, would.

    Love or money, we GET IT.

    “love or money, but not both.” We. Know. Already.

    “you can never see him again for as long as you live.” Yeah, right. What are you gonna do, Jordan, put an electronic monitoring bracelet on her ankle and keep track of her movements? Keep a helicopter hovering over her house for the next 50 years? We all know there’s no enforcing that stupid clause. Idiot producers.

    “I want the girl. I want the money. But I can’t have both,” Mike says. Yes, actually, we’ve heard that somewhere before. I think it was hinted at – just a little bit – in the title of the show.

    I hope he realizes it’s the shrewd look of a predator, but hey, whatever works for him.
    Great job, Lucy. I know myself how brutal these two-hour thingies are and you made the entire thing very funny and interesting to follow. I'd read your recaps no matter what you were covering. Your writing is always hysterical. .
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    Finally, the end to Rachel’s odyssey. Until, at least, Caleb actually sees the show and drops Rachel like a hot potato.
    Too funny! Fantastic recap Lucy!
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    So are they still together now????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juicy
    So are they still together now????
    Nope, not according to the thread about Playboy.
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