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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    The finale was so boring and predictable. The only interesting part was the lunch, probably because I find conflicted Rachel a whole lot more interesting than plotting Rachel. Anyway, back to the predictability...

    FLOM 2 and FLOM 4:
    Girl has to choose between love or money, and she chooses love (obvious)
    Girl has to choose between "the wild card" and the sweet guy who definately would choose her
    Guys actually like each other

    FLOM 3 and FLOM 4:
    Winner has a $1 check
    Rachel/Preston eliminate the flirty one 4th (Andrea/Morgan) and the sweet, physically attractive one 3rd (Rebekah/David)

    No surprises, and I still like Mike better.

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    I think it really sucks that no money was handed out. Also, in the end Caleb was the complete jerk and thougth that he would get something besides Rachel in the end if he picked her. I don't like that Rachel really ended up with nothing at all two times. She was the one who truly gave up everything. I think in the end this show is more about saving face than gaining love. Although I think in Erin's case she did do the right thing. She had no feelings for the guy and she never said she did and so I don't hold that against her. NBC is coming across as mean and cheap with all the giving and taking away. There are too many twists and turns to this to keep me interested. It's only a three week time frame and to mess with people that much takes away any conflict of sincertiy and just makes people feel like well, no matter what I do they will probably take away my money anyway, or maybe they will think that no matter what they do they will GET money anyway so with all the stupid twists and turns no one is really making a forthright honest decision which is EXACTLY what happened if you read what Caleb said in his interview. He based his decision on assuming there would be yet another twist. Who's idea is it at NBC to be this desperate that they have to keep doing this? I think it's more annoying than entertaining. It should be one way or the other and not changing all the time. I don't like that. I feel sorry for Rachel. I liked her. She has an incredible figure and although she is not a flashy beauty she is definitely very attractive and pretty. She could use a little more class and poise but she seems like she is sincere. It was her job to play the guys. I wish her well.

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    Oy! So they already broke up?? Gosh, I cannot believe I get to suckered in to these shows to have them brek up after 1 week together, how sad is this. Grr, I'm never watching this again...until the next one of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by decan
    call me the minority but i really think this relationship will last or at least going for the long-haul if not marriage....
    I just read the NBC interview with Caleb and it looks like the relationship didn't work out:

    What's next for you and Rachel?
    Rachel and I are destined for what I hope is a good friendship. I guess during my speech at the end I forgot to tell Rachel I'm a commitment phobe and I don't get emotionally involved easily. Rachel is awesome and has many great qualities I look for in a women. She was so nice to me and I would not have made it through the entire experience without her and her support. She is an incredible person and has a very warm heart. People that have watched the shows have no idea how incredible she really is. I think we both realized that emotions and feelings get twisted and sped up at the house. You do not think clearly while you are there. When you get back home and settled into your life those relationships formed at the show can disolve just as quickly as they developed. We are headed on two different paths and each one works for the individual.

    Rachel has so much ahead for her to do and that will take her all around the states. Her face will be seen again...believe me.

    I, on the other hand, am just a realtor in Phoenix trying to sell some homes. I'm established here and this is my home. I'm not much for being the center of attention but I'm having a blast with all the hype this show has brought about. This whole thing was mentally draining and I'm glad I came out of it ok. I'm not quite as strong mentally as I thought I was. All the people involved made this such a great experience and I will be a better man for having done it. I know for a fact I will have a few great friends out of all this. I feel bad nobody got any money and Rachel and I have just decided to be friends, but if that is what's meant to be then so be it. It is what it is...

    I want to say thanks to all those involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnyone
    In all honesty- there is no way in heck I would ever choose someone I had met 3 weeks earlier over a chance for a million. There are just too many fish in the sea and very few chances to get that kind of money.
    I agree 100%! I saw both of the FLOM shows this year, and I'm really surprised that none of them wanted the money. Then again I remember how stupid I used to get about boys when I was younger. They would never try this with a bunch of over-30's. Too many million dollar checks would get cashed!
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    ah after reading that interview it all makes sense now

    one thing i found interesting about her pick of the final two is that neither have had a good history with relationships.....sounds screwed to me, should have chosen that money rachel...had to laugh at mike line of being relationship retarded

    oh revenge is sweet.....did good really triumph over evil lol

    both ended up looking like losers to me

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    I knew it! I am now 100% sure that both Rachel and Caleb thought the final twist of the show would be that they would be rewarded with a cheque of some sort for making the right decision - ie. picking love over money. That was the only explanation that makes sense. If you had only seen FLoM 1&2, that is what you would think. You know, I do feel a little badly for Rachel - I hope this exposure does something for her show biz career.....

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    I think that Rachel felt like she had to prove her honest intentions to Caleb and that's why she picked him. He continually accused her of insincerity, and when he did that, she just chased him more. She really, really wanted to catch him, so she did it by picking him in the end. I think she probably was sincere in her belief that she was picking him for love. (She gave up a cool mil for him.) But I also think that she's screwed up when it comes to understanding what makes a good relationship. The only one of her 8 guys who really ever turned to her as much as she turned to him was Mike. She and Mike really liked each other and their time together was easy--that's the making of a decent relationship.

    I was slightly surprised that Caleb picked her over the money, but I see how the odds were against him winning the money (and he may have had concerns about how he'd be viewed by anyone watching the show if he had picked the check). I never thought Caleb ever really liked her. I hope for Rachel's sake that she takes a few years off of serious relationships and gets some perspective about how a good relationship will work, perhaps by learning from friends in long-term happy marriages. Every time there was a scene in the limo with her turned to the guy and him sitting facing forward with merely his head turned to her, not his body (which was every limo ride, by the way), I thought--Wow! She is such a chaser. She really doesn't get it at all that she's the prize and if he doesn't think so, he's not for you.

    Oh--and a few people have criticized her for looks and demeanor but haven't similarly criticized Caleb. I think that both of them are a cut below well-mannered people. I needed subtitles for Caleb half the time, given the way he mumbles. And neither of them is articulate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotDateWBobby

    SHE'S A NUT!
    She thought the sacrifice would ultimately win him. She really didn't understand the dynamic at all. If she wanted someone who would love her, she needed to pick Mike. She felt like she'd already won Mike, so she needed to win Caleb too because she's an addict for men's affections. She didn't get it at all that she'd end up with nothing doing what she did.

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