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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    call me the minority but i really think this relationship will last or at least going for the long-haul if not marriage.... the reasons lie in several factors

    1) the money aspect, R gave up NOT 1 BUT 2 (that's two 99.9999%) chances at a million dollars, I don't know about you but that definitely tells you something about the gal, her having a 'bitchy' personality or not...... and at the same time, Cal gave up his chance at the million (altho it was in fact 50/ 50 and someone here eluded to the fact that his best strategy was to leave that mystery check alone). All of THAT alone tells you about their commitment to eachother.

    2) Now the "million-dollar experiment" alone DOES NOT in any way determine the success of a successful lasting relationship, which leads me to the couple's personalities or rather their compatibility. Look we all know what R's deal is from the show.... from the very beginning of this season's FLOM, R is clearly a very picky, very opinionated and not an easy to please person... some might even call her 'bitchy' (me included btw) so for her to give IT, and I mean "IT", all up for some guy she just met for a very short period tells us either she's incredibly stupid (which I highly doubt) or tells us that she knows and sees something about Cal that we, the viewers, don't. For her to make that jump from "greed" to "love" with the kind of personality that R has is really something incredible and serious. And from the side of Cal, he too played his cards right and asked the "right" questions about the future or the possibility of a future in this relationship. He has every right... in fact he NEEDS to be skeptical about R's intentions and he needs to lay it all out for her to see... where they stand and stuff.... and he did that and more, I might add. Even Ryan and Trista (remember them?) didn't have it so good on their show.....

    3) Having said that I want to point out something that kind of bugs me in that many home viewers of the show, the majority and myself included, does not have a favorable opinion about R. She's a 'bitch', pure and simple. But that doesn't mean she can't have true love happen to her either. That's what bugs me..... what seems to me that some of you are betting on a-soon-to-be failing relationship or breakup or whatever SOLELY based on the fact that you don't like the girl very much, rather than giving more "realistic" reasons. Look, a 'bad' guy (or gal) can also have a fairly tale ending too! Right?

    4) the final reason why I think this relationship will work is because they're a truly compatible couple. Their personalities are similar, their wants and desires and also they seem to be attracted to eachother physically. Even if this union does not translate into marriage, I think the couple's dating relationship will last for a long time to come. They love eachother no doubt about it.

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    i totally disagree with those reasons

    and i'm looking at this from a non judemental way to view rachel

    i think rachel did do this for love, she knew she was guarenteed that million, but honestly i don't think caleb's feelings are the same

    i'm sorry but those dates at the end where the most tense i've seen--i thought for sure he was gonna be gone in the first hour---but someone mentioned that rachel did the example of liking the jerky guy---i mean caleb was the most hard to get and he won---i think that says something---i just don't see how one conversation can turn all that around

    also---i think caleb knew he was gonna get that dollar---i mean he was so onto her---what shocked me about the show was that he chose her over money, but i wonder would caleb/pj really have picked love over money if they were really guranteed that money? i would be surprised if nbc does this same format next season

    so yes i think rachel's intentions were sincere....caleb however, i have my doubts

    i don't think anyone really saw this coming---remember what morgan said about him---i think caleb is very smart---he knew how to play this game---but unfortunately for him, he was not guarenteed a million dollar check----but he knew how to play rachel with his hard to get thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2
    I'm kinda surprised that they didn't already start pushing the next FLOM with Mike or David ... anyone hear rumors of a next one??
    I seriously wouldn't mind seeing Dave on the next FLOM bachelor but I guess we'll have to wait until next year?

    Caleb doesn't deserve Rachel. They're like polar opposites and Caleb's better off with someone closer to his personality. Yeah I highly dislike Rachel.
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    I don't have a prediction as far as longevity goes, but she and Caleb did seem to have the most chemistry and the strongest connection. I think they'll definitely have a journey of some sort together .

    Seriously, if you had told me that first night that "butterfly boy" would be the last man standing, I would have laughed long and hard. But I have to say that he grew on me. (Maybe Rachel's top and Grandma's butterfly pin--or whatever it was--that he brought with him really was an omen of some sort. The producers should have played with that and somehow tied that back in at the end of the show.)

    The way the show was edited, the extent of their relationship (or not) was definitely hard to read, but maybe there were a lot more "Chad & Erin" type moments that the producers just didn't let us see, because they wanted to build the suspense.

    I don't particularly trust all of the confessionals when it comes to knowing the motivations of the participants. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are just as many unused clips of her rhapsodizing about how much she's falling for Caleb and how she never expected it and blah, blah--clips that they just didn't use because they wanted to keep us in the dark.

    I do wonder--with Caleb's reservations about being with someone who would kiss all the guys and tell them the same thing--how he'll feel about her after watching the show.
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    Caleb seemed really concerned (and he should be!) about all the expressions she was making when he was "explaining" to her about the "for love or money" aspect, and she was looking like she was surprised... I think he's going to have a hard time trusting her after watching both the previous show, and now this one. Do I think they have much of a chance together? Maybe a chance, but that's about it, IMO... I didn't see a love connection happening between them, and yeah, editing, blah blah blah... but I just don't think it happened. It's a mystery to me why neither one of them picked the money.

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    All I can say is that NBC/Nash made out like bandits with these two seasons of FLOM. NO ONE GOT MONEY. After having to fork over 2 mil (minus taxes etc and spread out over 40 years) last year to Erin, this year's shows will probably allow them to splurge on some better dates next year (if there a next year).

    I was surprised by Rachel. Although she said she would have chosen Prestone over the money, there is no way to confirm whether or not she would. But, the fact that she did take Caleb over the guaranteed mil does say that she was more interested in continuing something with him rather than the money.
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    Wow, I'm astonished there's still so much hate for Rachel. So picking the man over the money didn't redeem her at all for some people? Personally, I loved her. She's completely off the wall and was really quite entertaining in both FLOMs. Better than Erin, who was as boring as hell (but did have spectacular clothes).

    I thought it was interesting she chose the hard-to-get guy. The girl certainly does love a challenge. I'm very curious if they're still together...guess I'd better check the talk shows this morning for any news.

    As far as the money goes...the Erin FLOMs said the million bucks was supposed to be parcelled out over some 20 years - was this Rachel's deal as well? That would make it a lot easier to crumple up a million-dolllar cheque.
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    I think with these shows, it's less about how great of a catch either one of them is.. it's more about potentially facing the enormous Guilt accompanying with the decision to take the money. I.e. Rachel said she "couldn't bear the thought of never seeing Caleb again"

    Bad analogy, but I'll make it anyway My first love was awesome.. we shared some good times. However, towards the end of that relationship, we did the yo-yo cycle of breakup, get back together, breakup, get back together. At one point, when a mutual friend of ours asked him why we got back together *again* .. he replied "it's harder to be without her than to be with her". So, by that point, it was no longer about wanting to be with me at all costs because I'm such a great girl.. it was more like, considering the alternative is painful even though the pay off is no longer so great.

    Similarly with Caleb.. the million was not a sure thing. Can you imagine the enormous guilt he would feel if he chose $1 over Rachel? Not to mention he would have to bear the judgement and disapproval of everyone watching. I think if the million dollars was a sure thing, he would've taken the money.

    Yeah, someone made a good point about how Caleb doesn't seem to feel about Rachel the way Rachel feels about Caleb. I think Rachel really soaks up the attention and *flattery* of having a guy choose her over a million dollars. Heck, if some random, attractive guy for some reason saw *me* as more attractive than a million, it would probably be easy for me to fall for him too! Not to say she isn't honestly attracted to Caleb for who he is... I do think she sees a lot of things she likes in him... but it's simply magnified by Caleb's jealous behavior, and his final decision.. not to mention the artificial scenario they're cocooned in.

    The ending scene of both of them walking out reminded me of Bachelor Bob with Estella... just... entirely unconvincing. Especially on the part of Caleb. I think her decision to choose him over a million was a momentary balm. When he steps back again, I think he'll feel angry again (rightfully) over what she was doing standing there making all those facial expressions while he was spilling the beans (did Fox tell her to do that or what ??). Poor Caleb. Rachel was happy though because.. she's been in control this whole time. There was no last minute twist that threw *her* for a loop. Meh. I don't think Caleb will be able to take seeing Rachel's antics on TV...

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    Rachel's pretty predictable.

    I was pretty sure she'd take the love over the money (while still expecting the money).

    She's seen the show from last year. She figured that if she chose the love then the producers would shower her with money like they did last year with erin (for making the right decision).

    The chemistry between Caleb and Rachel was too scattered and weird. I didn't see either one really falling for each other like Erin and Chad.

    From Rachel POV she could take the money and forever be labeled greedy and villanous or she could choose love and expect the million anyway. Afer she made her decision she kept looking around, expecting another check to be given to her. The funny thing was it never came.

    This relationship won't work. Caleb knows that Rachel admitted that she was in Love with Preston. He found out he's second best so late in the game. Sure Rachel sacrificied a million. But at the end of the day it's Rachel with her eye roll, her cackle. Neither person seemed positive that this was the one. Rachel's deciosn to trhow away the million took way too long, like she still hadn't made her mind up to the last second. That speaks volumes for her feeling towards Caleb.

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    I was one of those watching who were cringing! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Either she was portrayed by the NBC brass as being one of the most shallow (even worse than shallow hal) c teasers in the world, or she IS one of the most shallow c teasers in the world. It constantly amazes me that men don't see through this crap that women pull. How stupid!!! But I remain optimistic about this. Here's hoping they have chosen well and will have no regrets. I finally heard enough of the word "connection" on this show!

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