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Rachel had the opportunity for four individual dates today.
The format was the same as it has been at this stage in the other show,i.e. select the first person to go on a date with then you have the option to continue that date or go on a date with someone else.

The guys waited in the "event" room for their face to come up on the tv screen to indicate who Rachel had chosen for each date.
Rachel selected Mike for the first date, David second, Caleb third and fourth was......... Mike again.
Morgan obviously did not get a date,which was very pleasing as he was somewhat cocky at the beginning of the show about being in the drivers seat etc.etc.

Rachel had to make one cut today and chose to ditch Morgan.
Even though he was clearly in this for the money and thought nothing of making out with Rachel, he did criticise her in his post boot interview for being the sort of person who makes out with you then ditches you.

So, Mike is the person playing for the most money at this point.