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Thread: 8/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Damn, my guy is gone. Now there's just a bunch of lame-a**es who are drooling over Rachel...creepy stalker-dude Mike, and 2 guys with a lousy buck. Rachel is obviously a genius.
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    She's certainly proving she's more astute than we thought she was last time! She's somehow managed to weed out all the guys with $1 million checks, that might have been tempted to pick the money over her... She certainly is an aggressive girl, isn't she?! The way she was all over Caleb, using every trick in her book to get him to kiss her! Funny how she didn't like it when Josh was all over her "like a wild animal" - but she used his same techniques...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrjar
    I used to despise Rachel in Flom3, but she is now impressing me with how she gets rid of all of the players. Morgan was all ego. She is now down to 3 men that would all choose her (even if it is because two have $1 checks and Mike couldn't live with himself otherwise). She must be very perceptive. And, on top of that, she has a romantic connection with each.

    I think that Caleb is very into her, more than he wants to admit at the moment. Hard to tell from the editing, but he did smile when she appeared at the elimination ceremony.

    Completely agree. No matter what her commentary has been (and the producers basically film these people until they get the soundbite they want), all of her eliminations have been to keep people who really do seem to care about her. She's cut everyone who we knew were just after money, and she's cut people who she just doesn't feel a spark with (like Chris--who was sincere but no chemistry there). No matter how many times she says "I could win a million dollars" that's not really what she wants or she'd act differently.

    Except for Mike, she hasn't spent that much time with any of the remaining 3. I don't think we'll know who she'll pick until we see more dates next week. She seems to be more into Mike than the others (he looks like a crazed killer to me, but apparently, he's Mr. Handsome to her). The dates this week seemed "fun" but there weren't a lot of sincere, meaningful moments that we saw. I hope that we find out next week that there's more between her and somebody so well get the feeling that she really might end up with someone for the long haul, like Erin and Chad last year.

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    I missed the part when she cut Morgan. What did he say? I switched back to the show right when she said something that led me to believe that what Morgan said was something that illustrated her reason for cutting him. (Like he wasn't gentlemanly?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livvy
    Yes indeed... Rachel made a good choice getting rid of Morgan. I laughed my *** off when Morgan gave his goodbye speech and acted all broken hearted since he was in it for the relationship. I could barely stand him. I agree with most posters here that Mike and Caleb will be in the running. I'm not too sure about that Mike...he's a bit eerie, although I can't put my finger on it. Caleb seems genuine and Dave will end up being a pal in the end. I think Rachel will pick Caleb, he will pick her, and she will pick the money. Just a guess but I think she is in it for the money from FLOM3 and I haven't changed my opinion of her. I still don't like her but I can tolerate her more this time around. I can see from the limited posts that FLOM4 is not as popular???

    I also think that next week the money will be shifted once again.

    I agree with everything you said except I like Rachel. Question: Will FLOM4 be the same as FLOM3? If Rachel chooses the money will she get what the guy has or will she get a million? That is if the Guy chooses her over the money. She keeps saying she is playing for a million (or is that wishful thinking on her part)?

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    Dave is adorable. He'd be the best choice for a real-life boyfriend. In TV-land, I'm afraid his hours are numbered.

    The producers can't be liking the current situation very well--it's a great position for Rachel to be in, with 2 of her remaining studs having one limp single, and the other, slightly more valuable one looking like he escaped from prison in order to be on the program. As far as Rachel's concerned, all she has to do is string these three along for a couple more eliminations & collect her tidy $1 million check. There's no suspense whatsoever--Rachel couldn't have arranged things more neatly to her advantage if she'd tried. I predict that next episode all three of the men will be given new big checks. Give 'em all a million and let them collect hazard pay for tolerating Rachel for several weeks. That's what I'd do, since fretting over a lost love is soooooo obviously not keeping Rachel up at night.


    The dates were kind of cool, with the exception of lawn bowling. That date was so lame, Rachel chose Mike again just to make it up to him. Since you could clearly see Mike's blond hair behind Rachel's head in the hot-tub teaser shot, there was no suspense at all over who got the last date. The producers really ought to have planned that better and kept another blond man around in the final 4--Duh!

    Mike does have kind of a thuggish charm (Yup, he definitely reminds me of a younger, blonder, bigger Wilhem Dafoe . . .definite Chris Walken vibe, too). . .he'd be the type of boyfriend who'd certainly protect his woman, to the tune of putting his fist through the necks of anyone who'd bother her. It'd be kind of a heady feeling to have a dangerous man devoted to you! Compared to Mike, the other three seem a little too wussy. Especially Morgan, who seemed like he wouldn't want to get dirty and put a crease in his pants or anything.

    Wouldn't it be great TV if Mike chooses Rachel who then chooses the money & then Mike goes postal all over the FLOM set?! I don't want anybody DEAD, understand--but seriously shaken up would be OK, and it'd be so entertaining to the viewers at home!

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    I like the way you think Hikari. You have very good insights into this show and the mechanics of it all. Had fun reading your post. However, Dave is off limits, so no more "adorable" talk about him. He's mine! Got it?
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    Well, if next week is a 2 hour finale and I understand it is 2 episodes back-to-back, then my guess is that there will be an opportunity for one of the 3 remaining to take money and leave on his own. In the previews somewhere over the last few weeks, Jordan is holding a handful of cash. I'm thinking one of the men (one of the $1 guys) takes cash so that Rachel does no eliminating from 3 to 2. With the remaining 2 men, they will probably do the same as FLOM3 and give the 2 remaining men blank checks, one worth $1 and one worth $1 million, but the men will not know the value. Man takes cheque, Rachel goes to her room sobbing on the bed. BooHoo"I really was going to pick him over the money" BooHoo! Game over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    She's cut everyone who we knew were just after money, and she's cut people who she just doesn't feel a spark with (like Chris--who was sincere but no chemistry there). No matter how many times she says "I could win a million dollars" that's not really what she wants or she'd act differently.
    Are you kidding me? She's chopping everyone that she thinks is playing her (she's been quite good at identifying them) and keeping the guys that are into her so that they will pick her over the money so she can pick the money over them. Rachel is into this 99.999% for the money and .001% for love.

    The producers know it too, why do you think she doesn't get to know the value of the guy's cheques?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceansands
    Question: If Rachel chooses the money will she get what the guy has or will she get a million?
    Rachel is playing for a million dollar cheque. It was setup that way in the first episode. If the final guy picks her over his cheque she get's a choice between him or a million dollars.

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