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Thread: 7-12 recap: Come On Baby,--Let's Do The Twist!

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    Crap, I thought David S. was the guy who said he was a stripper. Here, I thought that was evidence of his sense of humor and it wasn't even him...I gotta start taping these things again.
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    Thanks for the great recap, spegs!

    Your recap is the best thing about this show!

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    If anyone didn't already know, just one look at your recap would have made the fact that you are a professional abundantly clear. What the heck are you doing slumming with us (and, as the rest of the writing staff is top-notch, by "us" I really just mean "me" ).

    I don't watch this show at all, but still your recap kept me engaged and entertained from start to finish; every sentence sings with insouciant brilliance. You're so good, you make me want to use crazy hyperbole like "insouciant brilliance" to describe you!

    Anyway, as much as I enjoyed every line of your recap, I can only pull out a few for quoting. Here are my favorites:

    Quote Originally Posted by spegs
    Let us all pause to contemplate the weighty truth of the FLOM theme song’s short, and un-rhyming, lyrics. Yes, will it be love or money? For those of us at home, well, I’m guessing we don’t get either.

    [...]like Kate Winslet, her heart has gone on. (I’m sorry if I put Celine in anyone’s head—and more sorry she’s in mine. Let’s hope she doesn’t linger.)

    I’m not entirely sure they are still talking about a reality TV show—maybe we’ve been fooled by editing, and some producer offered these girls a chance to meet the Dali Lama.

    I can’t resist adding that Andrea thinks this is “a wonderful position for me,” and, considering the rumors circulating about her acting past, I don’t think anyone needs me to make a joke here.

    The guys arrive in several vaguely familiar, matching vehicles, but the product placement guy blew it here, because I never did figure out what kind they were.

    If you can refrain from that, I will refrain from listing each time I yelled “stupid bimbo” at my TV during the show. (But, if it pleases you, you can insert that after every comment Andrea makes).

    Bryan gets to talk again, and he informs them all that “a million ain’t nothing to scoff at.” Hmmm, perhaps his grammar is, though. *adjusts librarian glasses on bridge of nose*

    Jordan’s face is stern when he announces that, “Tonight, the adventure begins!” (My hand, holding a straight pin over my Jordan Murphy voodoo doll, hesitates. After all, he could have said “journey.”)

    Hey Andrea, come on over here—I want to introduce you to someone. I don’t think you’ve ever met my friend, Foreshadowing.

    “Do I get to date both of you?” Steve manages to ask. Sorry, Steve. Only in Andrea’s films.

    She giggles and flirts and licks his cheek (okay, only in my mind and hers). Rachel interrupts to give him his ring and Andrea tears out a fistful of her hair (in our imaginations, again).

    I wish I could hold a candle to Andrea! First I’d want to spray her with gasoline, though.

    “I think I have a good heart.” Well, maybe she’s speaking of a history free from coronary disease.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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