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Thread: Rachel

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    Rachel, 26
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Occupation: Flight Attendant

    In your opinion, what are the top three factors in creating a successful relationship?

    Honesty, Communication, Loyalty

    If you were independently wealthy, would it affect what you look for in a mate? Why or why not?

    I think the core qualities that I look for in a mate would remain the same, yet I would be a little more leery that men would be with me just because I was rich.

    Why do you think it's so difficult to meet that special someone?

    It's so difficult because I believe that people need to be at the same point in their lives and both be truly looking for something real. In addition, there are so many factors that are required for a great relationship and I really don't feel that many people are "whole" people and capable of giving their all to a relationship. Also, I think a couple should have similar belief systems and connect on many different levels and that's really hard to find.
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    I hope Rachel sends Andrea packing. I can take all of Rachel's quirks much better than Andrea.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2
    I hope Rachel sends Andrea packing. I can take all of Rachel's quirks much better than Andrea.
    Yep, I definitely have to agree with that.

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    I kinda felt bad for her when Andrea got the first two guys...it looked like she was gonna cry.

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    Well there goes any chance of me watching the show. I cannot tolerate Rachel! I can't stand the thought of her eyes popping out of her head every time she rolls them. It's like I want to jump thru the tv and pick them up when they fall out.

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    I agree with KymberlyAnn...

    Rachel is repulsive to me. Oh well, one less show I need to worry about recording each week.

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    ill postino

    Rachel is realistic -- best reality char. ever

    I am infinitely charmed by Rachel in a way I haven't been by many others on any dating show... I think it has a lot to do with her dismissal of many of the idiots on her show, but that she seems to be sincere about "love" at the same time. She is not just a cynical jerk, but she knows how silly it all is.

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    I agree completely. I said in the show discussion thread she is the best bachelorette I've ever seen. Plus I'm an eye-roller, myself. :rolleyes

    All my life, I have felt destiny tugging at my sleeve.~ Thursday Next
    I don't want to "go with the flow". The flow just washes you down the drain. I want to fight the flow.- Henry Rollins
    All this spiritual talk is great and everything...but at the end of the day, there's nothing like a pair of skinny jeans. - Jillian Michaels

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    Finchy Fire
    i was freaking out when andrea was ahead with the `man count` :[ so sad.

    in the last one when she was crying and feeling stupid because she was going to pick preston over the money. i felt so bad.


    the last time i was on this site was for boarding house: north shore. such a good show. that was almost a year ago.
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    Finchy Fire
    it says in this article that i just read: `Rachel also told the Sun-Times that she had been worried that airline passengers would be "throwing food at me and saying I was evil" when she returned to work after the way she was portaryed on FLOM3. Instead, they asked for her autograph and "said I was so sweet."`

    link here

    aw. how cute. she thought they were going to throw food at her.

    maybe it's just me, this article makes her like her even more. it makes her seem more human.

    i wish to adopt her. :rolleyes

    too bad, i'm only 14. o_0 i nickname her `shnoogly rachel`
    because she is shnoogly.

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