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Thread: 6/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Rebecca sort of acts like an 8 year old. But when they were on the beach I thought that it really showed how immature Preston and Rebecca are and how too old for him Rachel is. She would not be happy with him for long. He's too young for her and she is much more worldly. She is a flight attendant and been all over the place and he would be too unsophisticated for her, ditto for PJ. I can't believe Rachel is acting like she cares. I think she will definitely take the money if he choses her. She's not one of my favorites although she has redeemed herself somewhat with her perception of things on the beach. Both Preston and Rebecca were acting like highschool and it was just painful to watch, lol.

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    Well, I have to be pleasantly surprised today. Last night, Preston went with his head and his head in his choices. He has said all along that PJ and Rachel were good for him. I'm sure that since PJ took her time in allowing kisses, that she showed restraint in dissing the others, that he feels she's real classy. Even knowing that the others did not like Rachel and dissed her,he still chose her, knowing he must feel something for her. Altho' PJ did not come out and diss Rachel (that I remember), she did diss Andrea to the nines! And Rebekah did her dissing as well. PReston must not like dissing, altho' he did ask their opinions. So, my choice for the long haul would be PJ, with Rachel a choice for the short term.

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    preston deserves rachel.

    PJ is too classy for him. I hope PJ is picked for the next FLOM and she can see what real men look like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus
    Preston is just the most complete idiot I've seen on reality TV. This dude must be gay.
    Rachel is a first-class loser. Rebekah is a sweetheart and damn sexy!
    I totally agree with you Zeus. Rebekah is sexy and sweet. Those are two qualities that are rare and hard to find in women these days.

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    As soon as Ali was gone, I knew there'd be a twist that would involve another million dollar check. FLOM is so predictable, yet I watch, partly because I find Rachel highly entertaining.

    It was fun to watch Preston squirm. Take back the control, ladies!

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    Watching last night was a testament to Jordan's lock on job security. While Bachelor may be downsizing Chris Harrison's appearances on camera, FLOM keeps throwing in twists and turns and surprises that require in depth explanations by Jordan. The whole premise has become really cartoonish...almost like Joe Schmo.
    Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day---Harry S. Truman

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    A fool who is too honest and open for her own good. Acts without thinking too much. She expresses everything on her face without holding back like the other girls - thus the eye rolling and what not. Her motivations are way too transparent, unlike the other girls', so it's easy for others to read her and judge her. She tries to be conniving, but she's a fool so she can't; she's just too honest and open about things. She actually admitted to Rebekah about toning down her date stories, thinking it might make Rebekah forgive her but of course it didn't.

    Out of all the girls there, it's obvious she has the most genuine romance with Preston. I think they're truely attracted to each other, because they behave like a real couple. He's not awkward with her like he is with the other girls. You can tell just by the intimate way he talked to her at Elimination; he was all business with everyone else.

    When it comes down to it, I don't think Rachel has it in her to dump Preston for money. It was easy for her to talk about that at the beginning, before getting to know the guy, but I don't think she's cold enough to pull the trigger now. I think he'll pick her and she'll pick him over the money.


    A smart, well-balanced girl. Much more rational and calculating than Rachel. And a poker face to boot. She can pull the perfect love-struck naive girl act while conniving at the same time. I don't think Preston is attracted to her at all. I think he likes her company because he feels safe around her. There's no way this girl can hurt him, so he thinks. But PJ is in it to win. I don't sense any genuine romantic interest from her towards him. At this point, she's making decisions with her head, cuz her heart's not in it. If she wins, she'll take the money only if she knows it's $1 mil. If she doesn't know the amount, or if it's $1, she'll pick him to make herself look good.

    But I don't think she'll win. Unless something goes horribly wrong between Preston & Rachel next week, I think the last girl will be silly Rachel.

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    Um, did anybody else find it weird that . . .

    Rebekah jumped on P.J. not once but TWICE when they were reunited, after a whole, what, 6 hours apart? First Rebekah jumped into P.J.'s arms when Reb returned early from Cabo, and then she did it again when P.J. got home from Tahoe.

    1. It's very silly behavior, like two junior high kids goofing around
    2. The jumpee most usually jumps into the arms of a GUY she likes, rather than another girl, and a competitor, no less, for the same man. Leading me to ask the question--
    3. Does Rebekah like P.J. or really LIKE P.J.? Definite lesbo overtones to that, being so overjoyed to see another girl who she's allegedly competing against? I'm all for female friendship, but that's taking it a bit far, IMHO.
    4. Was Reb attempting to display the disparity in their sizes by her behavior--Ooh, look at me!--I'm so tiny compared to Amazonian P.J. that she can catch me in her arms?!

    Silly. Surprised that Preston kept Rachel over her, but she was never a fave of mine.

    Unless Preston is being told that he MUST keep Rachel around, because the chick will most certainly choose her $1 check over him, thereby creating some really good fireworks on the last night--I think P.J. will be the overall winner.

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    Look harder...

    Quote Originally Posted by palmer62
    I totally agree with you Zeus. Rebekah is sexy and sweet. Those are two qualities that are rare and hard to find in women these days.

    I will give you rare, but hard to find? Well I would question you on this, but I am too sweet to do so.

    (posted on behalf of all the wonderful gals tucked away here at the FORT)

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    oh i really don't think there was an lesbian overtones in that hug/jump....my guys friends do that sort of stuff to each other all the time, and trust me they are not gay....its harmless fun, people take this sort of stuff way to seriously

    i was hoping the final 2 were rebekah/pj, but alas, he choose rachel lol.....he's stupid, had to laugh at his "if rachel is playing me she deserves an oscar" or something to that effect...its like uh no.....rachel is so obvious she is f-a-k-e the oscar should go to PJ

    oh i really want to know who has the million dollar check!!!! i think rachel will definitely go for money, and pj, i'm not really sure, but i'm thinking for money also haha

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