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Thread: 6/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    well i missed it tonight....i got my days mixed up lol.....i thought today was ultimate love test lol

    glad to hear he only got rid of 1 person...wish it had been rachel though lol

    looks like i didnt miss too much concerning the big fight lol.....again they hyped up nothing at all

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    Amazing! Ali survives, probably because of the $1 million check. She is my favorite, but even she admitted that she was close to throwing in the towel. You would think he would have kept Jamie, who he was so attracted to, and had a $250,000 check. Next week, Ali better turn on her game so I can see more of her in the weeks to come. I just hope she doesn't end up like poor Greg from season two who was strung along, but never got a date with Erin.

    Rachel is great! Without her and her stupid comments the show would be boring.
    They need to have more challenges to see who gets the one on one dates. Then we'd see who's really fighting for it.

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    I fell asleep and missed last night's escapades. I'm glad this thread was here so I know I didn't miss anything. If Rachel is the witch of the season, I don't think that she'll make it to the final two...the money grubber (can't remember her name) in the first season did make it to the final 3 but got axed. With the switcheroo in the rules for this season, who knows who is going to advance. FLOM2 had Erin with Eric for how long before she ditched him and he was pretty much the Jerk of FLOM2. How many more weeks for this series?
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    All of these dating shows have emerged with a format. We see the innocent bachelor, totally smitten with the requisite bitch. The audience gasps and says NO! why can't he see through her? They scream at the TV and hope another exposes her.

    The diary chats, promped by a producer, elicit both positive and negative comments. We see him gush over the trouble makers and question the favorite sweethearts. His negative comments about Rachael are on the cutting room floor, never to be glimpsed.

    In the after interviews the bachelors profess innocence about the evil ways of the trouble maker.

    No surprize to see Jaime go. We saw comments about his physical attraction and nothing to indicate he experienced no connection. They telegraphed that one.

    Ali seems the most likely candidate because we have seen so little of her but more crucial, she is not falling all over him. Bingo, a keeper. One thing the producers cannot steer is the desire for the chase. The most forward women just never see the final three but production requests he keep them around. The bachelors oblige because they have narrowed the field to two anyway.

    Rebecca is a good contender, as well, because his hug was telling, or was it that she initiated the "real" hug. He released first. Question mark in the audiences mind. Will it be Ali or Rebecca?

    And what is up with his haircut anyway? Not a stylist on the set to correct that do from god knows what era?

    PJ and Preston's date was amazing? (There is that word again. If I were in charge I would not allow any of them to use it.............ever again.) Sitting on a bare stage in a bare theater is creepy, then put a camera in your face along with two ballet students and you have a date from hell, in my book.

    Small budget for this show, no one even gets a decent meal. A tethered ballon ride would look exciting at this point.

    Bob and Kay, yuh. They visted the senior center to set that one up, super market cake and all. 62 year marriages are always celebrated with only other old friends and ballons in a room with card tables. We all know this.

    And still I watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea
    Honestly, I thought Andrea came off the worst in the exchange at the dinner table and afterwards. She is obviously gunning for Rachel and will jump at any chance to go off on her. Afterwards, when Rachel went upstairs, didn't Andrea come into the room and say "I thought we weren't talking to her" - they were talking about libido pills for pity's sake, so obviously the conversation was about sex. I don't think Rachel's comment was that outrageous, personally, and I think she thought it would be funny, in the spirit of the sex talk. They all can't stand her and I think will go off on her for any reason.

    I don't really *like* Rachel but I don't think she is as bad as Trish was. She is playing the game. Andrea, in every confessional, keeps saying that she is going to play hard to win, and you know it is for the $$. When she was with him and was all over him on the group date it was so planned on her part...ugh. They are the same, imo, and I can't stand how Andrea tries to act like she is more moral than Rachel.

    Andrea's facial expressions are not pretty sometimes, either. Makes her look really b*tchy.
    I agree with you 100%, sweetpea! I don't like Andrea either... (I think I made a comment in another thread about her ugly down-turned mouth!)
    Andrea & Rachel are both bitches, although they don't come even close to Trish's skankiness! They're just both the type of women where you think, "Oh, I pity the poor guy that ends up with her!"

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    After last night's show, I like Andrea the least . . . by a lot. She's aggressive, mean spirited, congratulates herself on her manipulativeness. And I agree that her judgement really shows on her face and she really looks very ugly at times.

    I'm starting to not mind Rachel. She seems to really like him, which is a redeeming quality of hers.

    Other than Andrea, I don't really dislike any of them. PJ is wide-eyed, but that's okay. My personal favorite from the beginning has been Ali, but even with her million, I don't see her lasting unless they have some amazing private date.

    In the previews, Preston has a voiceover saying that he expects that one of these women will be his future wife. If that's not out of context or a lie, I think that he really likes Rachel, Rebekah and PJ because they don't have much money on their checks and he's hoping for love to develop with one of them. Being human, he fears risk, so he's held onto Ali because of the money. And I'm not sure the story with Andrea--could be the money--half a mil--or maybe he's dumb and is going for the wicked come on.

    I am intrigued and will keep watching. Oh--I saw Andrea and someone who's been cut (I forget who) on a local Philadelphia morning show before FLOM3 started. Andrea described Preston as "personable." No indication of where she ends up in the show, but I think if you were the one picked you'd describe your beau a little differently.

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    Wow. I'm starting to root for Rachel. I've always hated cliques, so Rachel, like Trish, has my full support

    Preston is starting to make me yearn for Rob Campos I mean, Rob was a dumb lech, but Preston is that plus he's a slimeball. I was shuddering for PJ when he started to ooze all over her...yeeeeech.

    I already said in another thread that Andrea reminded me of Olinda from JM2, but last night I was trying to think of who Andrea was trying to emulate - I think someone at some point said Heather Locklear, but it came to me that she's more of a Kim Cattrall wanna-be. :rolleyes She goes next, I bet (hope).
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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce
    I look forward to next weeks show. I am very curious about the "steamy' date they previewed!

    WE didn't get the preview after the Canadian playing of the episode. Can anyne fill in the details of the preview?

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    This show isn't exactly generating a lot of interest is it?

    I couldn't believe that he let Jamie go - I'm starting to have some respect for the guy - he was able to overcome his physical attraction to her and actually think straight.

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    Wow. I'm starting to root for Rachel. I've always hated cliques, so Rachel, like Trish, has my full support.
    For once, I want to see the villian win. That would be a real twist.

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