Episode #303
06-14-2004 9:00PM

Last summer's top-rated reality series': "For Love or Money 1 and 2," returns with a 3rd edition, sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As before, 16 women are competing for the affections of one bachelor, and the possibility of winning a huge cash prize. Jordan Murphy ("Boston Public") returns as host of the 6-hour series, revealing each new twist to the unsuspecting competitors.

Tonight, only six women remain to compete for Preston's heart, or perhaps, one million dollars. But what the remaining girls don't know up 'til now is that in the end, Preston has the opportunity to win their checks if he can convince the one final woman to pick him over the money. Just after the second elimination, Jordan reveals this new twist to the ladies. From here on in, the path of deception is a two way street. A competition forces the woman to reveal who they think is playing for love, and who they believe is playing for money. The result is two woman win solo dates with Preston and PJ learns the value of her check. The other woman win nothing but a cold, rainy group date. As time passes, jealously boils over. Rachel and Andrea become mortal enemies because of a dinner table fight that will go down in reality TV history. At elimination, Preston will make his most difficult decision yet and sends one more woman home. Will he be able to discern who's in it for love, and who's in it for money?

"For Love or Money" is a production of Nash Entertainment & 3 Ball Productions. Bruce Nash (NBC's "Meet My Folks," "Mr. Personality") is the executive producer, along with J.D. Roth ("Endurance," "Moolah Beach"), Todd Nelson ("Endurance," "Moolah Beach") and John Foy ("The Martin Short Show").