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Thread: Rachel

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    I really kind of wish Rachel would win, and then take the money with a greedy grin on her face. I'd like to see her head explode when she sees $1.00 on the check
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    I thought she was going to be the most normal at the beginning of the show and I thought Amanda was going to be the most annoying and the most fake...Little did I know. I guess im not a good judge of character....because she is wacked. I am hoping she wins, and finds out she is a broke A$$

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    Is it just me or Rachel really looks like future Mrs Guiney, Rebecca Budig? God bless them both!

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    i was making fun of that dress too! i was calling it the "$10 sportstripe dress.." that thing was soooo ugly... what was she thinking?

    i too think she looks strange..my bf was saying she looks like she could be a future heroin addict w/ those dark circles.

    i personally think she looks a lot like sarah kozer from joe millionaire.. both of these chicks seem shady and evil to me.. :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    What a psycho!
    Also I hate to judge anyone's looks -nah that's not true for tv people, scratch that! Does it seem to anyone else that Rachel's appearance seems to change radically from really striking to looking weird, washed out with dark circles under her eyes? Her facial expression looks very strange at times also - or is it just me?
    I noticed that too - strange eyes... Also, I noticed that her teeth look kind of dingy or something... You'd think NBC could have sprung for some Crest White Strips at the mansion!
    With Rachel's "abrasive" personality, I just can't picture her as a flight attendant somehow...

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    Bama , yeah i was laughing at her adidas dress...what was that all about????
    She's weirdlooking too me. Not that great looking...average.
    My husband though Tenisha was hot! SHe looked like a young Vanessa Williams!
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    Maybe it's just me, but in some camera shots she reminds me of Alicia Silverstone
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    Uggh, she is very Trish-ish! Not good! :phhht
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    Rachel's not evil, just upfront, and makes 'Love or Money' fun

    Rachel's not evil, just upfront, and makes 'Love or Money' fun

    June 14, 2004

    BY PAIGE WISER Staff Reporter Advertisement

    You've seen the promos for the new season of NBC's reality show "For Love or Money," airing Monday nights at 8 on WMAQ-Channel 5.

    "There's only one Rachel," teases the announcer, as the ads linger on a sandy brunette's mischievously dazzling smile. It is clear that Rachel, at least, would choose money over love.

    "Idiot!" she says of her potential soulmate. And tosses her hair.

    Yep, Rachel is one of ours.

    The flight attendant, 26, is based out of Chicago, and is somewhat taken aback by her characterization on TV.

    "I didn't realize I was going to be so evil!" she says. "That was the big surprise to me. I thought you really had to be evil to have them make you look evil."


    Now that she's in the final six contenders, Rachel tells us what it's like to be slated as the next great pop-culture villainess. (We tried not to use the word "Omarosa.")

    Q. Almost immediately on the show, you say that bachelor Preston Mercer is "probably not" your dream man. What was wrong with him?

    A. Did I say that? Honestly, I think I was slightly bitter because he didn't notice me at first.

    Q. And yet you managed to get the first kiss out of him?

    A. Hey, no sloppy seconds for me.

    Q. Also on the first episode, you curled up in bed and cried when the other girls were mean to you. Any regrets about that?

    A. Let's just clear this up. That was so unfair. There were so many things happening that day: It was my birthday, and my brother's baby was sick in the hospital. A lot of things were going on, but in the editing, it seemed like I was just complaining, "No one likes me!"

    Q. Why do you think you got so much screen time?

    A. I'd like to think that it's because I'm really upfront. The producers told me, "You're so open and honest, and said the things nobody else would say." I'm hoping that's the reason. I'm hoping it means they like me.

    Q. Where did you watch the first show?

    A. I watched with family. We drank champagne, made fondue. At least I had people who loved me around me.

    Q. Have you been recognized yet on any of your flights?

    A. Not yet. I'm afraid someone's going to throw food at me.

    Q. On the show, you announced, "I'm great in bed." Weren't you a little nervous about making a statement like that?

    A. Well, who's going to say they're bad in bed? Things are asked in a certain way.

    Q. Whenever they show your name onscreen, they also show how much money you're secretly playing for. What's it like to see "Rachel, $1" all the time?

    A. I know! Like that's what I'm worth! That whole show is just, like, comical.

    Q. The real question: What is the price of love?

    A. In my heart, without a doubt, I feel that true love is worth so much more than any amount of money. But in this one particular instance in your life, you can win a lot of money.

    Q. How much are you worth?

    A. I know myself, and for me, there is no amount.

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    Clearly this interview reveals she does not win. Not that this is a surprize but I am curious why they released it. I predict she will be third just to keep the audience outraged.

    Reality shows have been around so long now that it never ceases to puzzle me that the villans STILL cry foul editing. Maybe they really do put sand in their eyes to get those facial expressions. Hey. stranger things have happened.

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