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Thread: Ali

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    I don't think Ali ever got much of a chance anyway; compare a date that's a slide show of your childhood pictures to the tent, hot tub, or skating dates. How embarrassing and uncomfortable would that be? Who thought of this idea?
    I do think Ali's style in clothing, etc. is a little too tomboyish for Preston's taste anyway. He seems to like really girly girls, and Ali didn't give that impression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    She seems like a sweet girl, and indeed better than any jerk they cast for a reality show deserves, but why does every-freaking-one need a website these days?

    Okay, that's a rhetorical question. I get that she's a singer/songwriter/actress type from that website, and at has a modeling agency contact to boot. That unfortunately means that she probably just wanted to be on TV to get work, but even so, even if she's a good enough actress to CONVINCE us she's that nice and decent... at least that would make her a much better actress than the over-the-top drama queens still on the show.
    You may be right. I still like to think her emotions were genuine, or at least the reality-TV type of genuine. I really felt bad for her after the tea date, and she was crying in the limo. Of course now I don't feel bad for Preston if she was acting.

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    I really have no idea if she was acting. But either way, she comes off good to me:
    -was really nice
    -was a really good actress (especially in comparison to the fakey Mc-Fakes left)

    So either's cool with me.

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    It has recently been revealed that Ali was a finalist for the first edition of "The Apprentice." The NBC casting people contacted her and asked her to be on on this show, though they did not tell any of the women that if was For Love or Money. The comments of some during the airing of the show that Ali didn't quite seem to fit may have been well founded.

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