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Thread: 6/7 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Check switching? I toldja so!

    Also: obviously the NEXT twist is they are told HE knows.

    And he axed Tiniesha. Makes me mad.
    Hey, I said she'd be the 2nd elimination. For a moment the Mill. check bounced that theory, but Reality show 101 logic brought it back.

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    aye to that

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    Ali - 1,000,000
    Andrea - 500,000
    Jamie - 50,000
    PJ - 25,000?
    Rebekah - 1
    Rachel - 1

    Preston must not be very good in math.

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    I'm pretty bummed he got rid of Tiniesha. My two favorites were she and Ali. By the way, what was Ali wearing? It was like a sultan's robe or something. Anyway, I liked how Monica stirred things up. Maybe he wasn't sure whether or not to eliminate her, after all...she can put her legs behind her head! Rachel...what more can I say? She is cold, man.

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    PJ is worth 50 big ones ...... not enuf in my opinion.

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    I think PJ is worth 250,000. I may be wrong, though.

    Overall, I think that Preston made some stupid choices *cough*Rachel over Tiniesha*cough*, but there's still hope for him, assuming he gets rid of Rachel pronto, and keeps Ali around for a while.

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    So far, I'm liking PJ, who seems somewhat genuine, and Ali, the classy girl. If he ends up with Ali, I'll have faith in these dating shows. Rachel's good for entertainment, though, like she makes that what-is-it-now face whenever the host comes into the room.

    Preston disappointed me tonight. He didn't give some of these girls half a chance...two biggest disappointments, Meredith and Tinisha.

    I felt bad for Monica. She doesn't seem like she has a thick skin. She'll find Mr. Right. A dating show doesn't seem like the right place for her to find him...then again, it doesn't seem like the right place for almost anybody. Yet I watch. (shake my head at myself)

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    I thought Preston was a bit arrogant when he was talking about choosing girls for their cheque value, like he was sure they would choose him over the money. But in the end he actually eliminated 2 of the 3 potential million dollar cheques, so maybe it was all talk. I can't believe he fell for Rachel's act though. I thought she seems really fake on the date - or at least very ditzy. So far I like PJ, super bouncy girl, and Ali.

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    Leslie needed that money to go and buy herself some nice hair clips, or was she doing a bobbie pin ad?
    Did anyone else notice the clumps(4-7 pins) holding her hair back.

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    Q; was Rachel the one that had the best peom, and she was pretending to be really into the date. If thats her, I can't stand her already. Move over Omriosa, theres a new girl in town

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