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Thread: The Flom Ladies

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    Some interesting videos on the NBC FLOM3 website of the remaining 6 ladies. Even though I don't have sound on my computer at work, the videos show footage from upcoming shows that has not been seen yet.
    If FLOM3 follows the same format as previous FLOM the final 3 ladies will be jetted off on individual dates. My guess from the videos for the final 3 are Rebekah, PJ and Rachel.

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    I have a bad feeling that if they switch checks, Rachel will take Ali's mil or PJ's 50,000, and then Rachel and PJ will be F2. NOOO!!

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    [QUOTE=Tobi] I think it was Rachel that said she had it all that she was pretty, fun, blah blah blah and then she said "and I'm good in bed!!!" Oh man, wouldn't you die if your daughter was on TV proclaiming that she was good in bed? That's what every mother and father want to hear their daughter proclaim as one of their assets on national TV :rolleyes[/QUOTE]

    I dunno, but if I were mom & dad, I'd be even more taken aback by Rachel's informing the entire United States of America (not to mention Canada!) that she can't get any (self)satisfaction with all these people around. A remark like that is sure to make Daddy proud.

    Perhaps after the show ends, Rachel's family stages an intervention and checks her into Nymphomaniacs Anonymous.

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