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Thread: The Flom Ladies

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    @ 'stalker eyes' and 'granola' - and since you started here's my completely shallow opinion:

    Ali - hate the pigtails. stop trying to be cute. always a good idea to put on a little makeup when you're having your picture taken for a media release.

    Andrea - looks like a stripper.

    Beth - uhhh fix your hair sweetie.

    Heather - I can't see past that awful hair. Next.

    Jamie - yeah ok. can't find anything wrong with her.

    Johanna - already been over this one.

    Lauren - 24? she looks 34. reminds me of Zhora from Joe Millionaire a little bit.

    Leslie - I haven't seen those headbands since 1994. I hate Florida reality stars in general. Next.

    Melayne - what's her name? is it MEL-anie or is it ME-Laney or ME-Lane? I hate when people get cutesy with their names. Newsboy hats are so 2 years ago. :rolleyes

    Melody - horrible dye job and texas. And she's 22? What??? slight bonus for having the same job as me.

    Meredith - She does look sorta like Colleen..but the last reality girl named meredith stole the man I'm supposed to marry, so gotta hate her.

    Monica - uhhh no.

    PJ - Next.

    Rachel - cute...and I think she's the one every one ends up hating - bonus points for that.

    Rebekah - gotta love bartenders from west palm beach. finally...I've got a favorite.

    Tiniesha - cute...sorta vanessa williams-ish.
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    Don't know what to say about this cast. First impression is that it's not as impressive as FLOM1. Kind of bland. I wonder who is the Paige Jones of this edition? She really made FLOM1 interesting...

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    Interesting group of ladies. Johanna's 'do rag hairstyle reminds me of Nikkole from Temptation Island 2, and always liked Nikkole. Melayne's hat though, J-Lo called and wants her hat back, but you can keep some of her ex-boyfriends, because she has more of those than hats.
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    I'm actually looking forward to this show....please don't let the guy be as boring as ROB!

    Here's my two cents on the girls:

    Ali-She's got the "give me all your money" career going so she might be good at this game...the pigtails need to go though

    Andrea-pretty girl that loves to party=trouble

    Beth-she looks like she's been around the block a few times

    Heather-All I can say is

    Jamie-Does she resemble a man? I had to do a double take.

    Johanna-granola was right on!


    Leslie-lose the head band

    Melayne-what exactly does a "communication specialist" do? Is that a fancy word for "talks a lot"? No Britney Spears wannabes with their hats on either!


    Meredith-is that her hair or a headband making her hair do that?





    Tiniesha-exotic looking but her hair looks pasted to her head.
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    Ali to me looks like Meredeth from the Bachelor series. Overall your typical group on reality vixens.

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    Early favorites (based strictly & shallowly on appearance!):
    Andrea (unless she has that "breathy" kind of voice...)
    Melayne (minus the hat!)
    Rachel (NO ONE could be as much of a skank as Trish!)
    Can't wait for this one to start!

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    Can't wait for the cat fights to star... !

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    I must be alone in this as I think Johanna looks like a complete and total sweetie
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    Okay, an actual local.. Heather lives across the river from me...but she's the oldest at 33. She could be giving off Christina or Mary vibes for desperate. And Government Worker...they do have nice vacation plans!
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    I like Tiniesha the best. Not only can I not pronounce her name correctly, but I cannot pronounce the name of her city right, either I'm hopeless.

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