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Thread: For Love or Money 3

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    Team Choca. Brad who?! Alanna's Avatar
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    They never were!! I loved Avg Joe, I'm soo sad.
    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
    ~ Sex and the City

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    Is there going to be a spoiler thread for the show tonight? I'm going to miss tonight's episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martini
    What I enjoyed about FLOM was that the people on it were actually interesting. I liked Erin -- she was savvy and articulate; she had a personality. Paige was naive and mopey but that made her seem like the girls I used to know (sadly) in high school who were so in love with the concept of being in love. As for Rob, he was such a dull tool that I really thought Erin made a wise choice going for the money.

    As for FLOM2 -- Erin had a team of hotties. Her final guys Wade and Chad were a. good lucking b. intelligent c. able to carry on a conversation. This is almost unheard of in reality TV land. Ahem, particularly in the Bachelor lately.

    I know really! If the FLOM people can cast a show with so many less cheesy dorks, why can't these other reality TV people get on the task! Maybe the Bachelor producers can work out some sort of file-sharing program with the applications received by FLOM's producers to help them get started...
    also LOL at "naive and mopey"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Owl
    HELP!!! Going crazy trying to figure out where we know this new FLOM bachelor from. Something tells me he's been on another reality show before this - Imagine That! Does he look familiar to anyone else out there? What show is he from? He looks like a soap opera reject.
    It's been bugging me too... and then it hit me (like a two-by-four)...

    Vincent D'Onofrio...

    separated at birth... LOL
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    [QUOTE=kyrjar]Why is it that the real, lasting romance seems to come only when the women are the chooser -- Trish, Erin, Meredith? QUOTE]
    ITA, however, I think you meant Trista , not Trish. Somewhere Trista, wearing a peeeeeeenk shirt, is shrieking being confused with Trish!!!

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    erin and chad

    for those curious to know about erin and chad, they're still together.
    she's been a regular guest at fishbowl's radio talk show (every thursday). btw, it was an awesome experience a while ago having an online chat with erin in the chat room.

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    As I haven't seen an update on them posted here, here's one: In October PJ (FLOM 3 Winner) moved to Colorado to be near Preston. FLOM has 2 out of 4 relationships still going!

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