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Thread: Chad and Erin articles

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    Well said... I agree 100%.
    I like how he kept saying "Pass" and how she seemed more interested in talking about marriage and "love". It makes her come across as less Ice Princess-y and more fun loving. Did you see the quote from one of his friends saying that Erin is the most laid back girl he's ever dated? I hope they make it and I hope they keep putting his face in the magazines! Yummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrjar
    Okay, I am a sucker, but I do think that Erin and Chad make a nice and believable couple.

    I think that they are both genuinely smitten with each other, though they are both reserved by nature. I actually think they have a better shot than Trista and Ryan.

    This forum has been pretty anti-Erin but I generally like her. And, Chad is the hottest guy that I have seen on any of these matchmaking reality shows.

    We're not anti- Erin- we're just extremely jealous of Erin!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by #1catty
    But seriously, Eric was the one who was making all the moves. I don't think that Erin liked it. After that hot date, Erin and Eric should have had this 'strong' connection. But before the elimination ceremony, Eric was only "mildly" confident that he would stick around.
    I found Eric completely creepy from beginning to end. That hair! That insincere smile! Ugh!!! I dont' understand why she kept him at all.
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    hi! this is my first post here.

    i happened to watch the 2nd episode FLOM 2 just this weekend as it was replayed in our local cable (yeah, i know i'm pathetic - the fact this show was aired last year and i get to see it just now ). i admit i've become addicted to the show! i spent this week searching the web for any articles about erin and chad because i'm fascinated about them! i've read all the show recaps numerous times andi can't wait to see the next episodes! i know their feelings were sincere during the show and that they were truly happy and smitten with each other. they really are a handsome/great couple - smart, down-to-earth, decent and truly in love.

    guys, i really would love to get a copy of US Weekly and PEOPLE magazines in our local bookstores but to no avail since they were old issues and no longer available. to those who have a copy, i'm begging you, can u pls pls post the articles here and i would really appreciate it if the photos are also included. thanks in advance!

    btw, here's an update about the lovey-doves: they are still together after a year and a half! i'm so happy for them! it just proves that their relationship is getting stronger, that it has lasted this long (contrary to what those cynics out there had predicted). i know this news for sure because erin and chad were guests recently in the Reality Now radio show on Oct 6, 2004 (though chad got to talk over the phone only). as of this writing, erin was a guest thrice in the show and have downloaded the 3 shows (mp3 format). you might like to check that out also.

    uh-oh... i can't post the URL because i'm new to this site well, i'll just have to make a little tweak on the link: $thefishbowl$@=fishbowl=Articl e272

    pls "decode" the above link in order to be valid follow this:
    prepend 3 w's
    "=" with "/"
    "$" with "."
    "@ with "com"
    append ".html"

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