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Thread: For Love or Money 2 - An Angst Filled Finale

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    Great job bumpkin.Without your recaps how could We have lasted this long with this long.This show has always been bad.What should have been an hour at most was dragged out into a 2-hour commercial fest.It was more inetersting trying to guess what the next commerical was going to be than to watch this s***.A crappy end to a crappy show.

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    Great big heartfelt hugs to all of you who have stuck with FLOM2 and with *me* during my very first full season as a recapper.

    So many of you have been good enough to post and give a yay or a laugh. Those notes have been my encouragement when I wondered if FLOM2 were really a crappy show, of if I just didn't have a sense of humor.

    As I said in a previous recap, I just never felt as though I "connected" with Erin. A perverse side of me hoped Erin would pick Chad and he'd say, "Nah. You're boring. Gimme the check."

    Again, thanks to all who read the recaps. Bigger thanks for all the notes of encouragement along the way.

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