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Thread: San Francisco - Possible

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    San Francisco - Possible

    I find it odd that both Erin and Chad are from San Francisco. It says the name of their city in both their bios on the NBC site. All the other former 'contestants' show the name of their state...not city.

    Seems rigged to me. Though I hope they are really a couple. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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    Maybe someone else that knows more about the earlier conversations on this board can comment.
    I don't think it was rigged, but I find it strange that, according to some earlier posts, one of the 15 guys was a very good friend of Erin's best friend, and another guy knew Erin from when his brother went to college with her! What's up with that?! Were all of these people (these 2 guys, Erin and Chad ) from San Fran? There were also a lot of Dallas people on these 2 shows. Rob, Wade, Paige, and Rob mentioned in an interview some other girl who was on the show that he sees out in the bars now because she is also from Dallas. Was NBC just too cheap to cast this from any other cities?

    Hopefully someone more familiar with this stuff can comment!

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