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Thread: Erin's Interview on Howard Stern

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    Quote Originally Posted by amyoamy
    Geez, you guys. Erin is absolutely beautiful. She didn't answer any of Howard's nasty questions (I didn't hear the interview, just read what's posted here). I see nothing wrong with her going on Howard. It's not as if she all the sudden started talking like a half cent hooker when she got there...
    really? could you then tell us whether you shave it all off or you leave a landing strip down there? when did you lose your virginity? how many sexual partners have you had? have you had anal sex yet? are you bicurious?

    Really... when did going on Howard Stern become a dignified act? I used to listen to Howard Stern eversince I learned of his show, for about 2 months.. I have not tuned into his show eversince, and it's been 3+ years now. The man is so deja-vu each time he does his show, it's not even funny.. His MO is wearing thin, and he doesn't talk about anything but a few choice topics that we've heard over and over and over again.. I'd rather listen to Bill O'Reilly and his misguided theories about this country, than Howard Stern...

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    Jeeeezzzz, Howard Stern?? I have never liked him or his show. He's a phony & tries to talk dirty because that's what he does. Does anyone think the Love or Money producers make these people do appearances? Do they have a say?
    "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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    I'm surprised Howard didn't have someone come and fart on Her.Or something else weird and sick that He does to most of His"Guests"or should I say victims.Well fame does have a price Erin and You are learning that first hand.

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    If she appeared on Howard Stern, I think Chad can delete that one adjective he used to describe Erin...Classy!!!

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