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Thread: 9/8 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eny
    (from the locked spoiler thread)
    Awwww , a story book ending. Rob probably stuck a potato in the limo's tailpipe...
    Or sugar in the gas tank.

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    This wasn't fun!
    But hey, Wade is single
    Now, we have to give ourselves a big because, as very observant FORT posters, we had seen the p***** off look on Wade's face & Erin's big smile at the reunion! for us!

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    awww....she did not have to give chad anything...I think she and chad are great for each other...I am really anxious to see them on tv interviews tommorrow hopefully...

    I think by giving chad half of her winnings from this show, she showed class....she saved chads feelings, he came out looking good, they can be together, they have a lot of "fun money"...even with the various "lottery" crap stuff, they still have fun money to maybe go back to that fabulous mexico place LOL

    I am really happy for them....I loved the ending, best I have seen...I also have been a chad fan right from the start...as I posted LONG ago, chad is from san fran..and chad is from a well to do family...these things matter I think...

    MY fondest wish was to see creepy eric kicked off, I could NOT stand him, I cant stand double dipper reality folks, and he was on meet my folks in the spring...

    I liked rob better the 2nd time around...but chad?? Yes, chad was THE one...right from the start...chad is such a hottie...I love erin and him together...and wow I am happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClayLove
    Was it just me or did the check she write say "One hundred thousand"...

    What a greedy..... alkfgudogdsj.
    YEAH i saw that too!!?? she wrote one hundred thousand (on the check where you're supposed to spell out the amount), but then i thought i also saw that she also wrote 50,000 in the box????

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    No....she wrote 500,000...1/2 of the million she got as the bonus for show 2...she "earned" her first million on flom1..

    she didnt have to give chad anything..

    JMO...it all ended up for the good....if chad had taken the money, people would say "male golddigger" and creep etc...and they would not have been able to see each other..

    besides, as I have pointed out, from articles in the beginning of the show, chad is from a well to do family in san fran, he is vp of their company...

    he is also a romantic...do you realize that the producers wanted chad to be the bachelor, rob's role in flom1?? but chad turned it down,because his mom's birthday fell during the shooting time of flom1...and he did NOT want to be away on his mom birthday...

    he is a doll...and JMO so is erin..
    none of these people knew they were going to be on a love or money deal ...they were told the name of the show was "looking for love" sort of a bachelor/bachelorette show...the money twist came later..

    erin felt nothing for rob...so she took the money..then double or nothing...she came back and why not?? she had 15 guys all for her, a chance at love, a chance at more money, more "fame" and exposure..and heck why not??

    and look...she found a prince...chad...and they have lots of "mad money">>>
    wonder if they will go back to mexico??

    (((erin + chad))))))

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    I saw the 50,000 in the box, but didn't read the amount spelled out. It's true that Erin didn't have to give Chad anything, but if she was truly in love as she claims, she should've split the $2 million dollars in half.

    Oh heck, I don't think I would've done that, but then again, I wouldn't be on a show like this.

    I really wanted Erin to get a taste of her own medicine, but in the end, I was happy that Chad chose her since they do seem to be into each other.

    All I have to say is I'm glad this show is over. Not one of NBC's best programs. It was kind of boring.

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    any news!?

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    She told him she was getting 2 million and I read 500,000 on the check. I don't think I'm insane, I honestly heard her tell him 2 million. .. Ok I'll rewind the tape ... she said:

    "i can split that million with you .. I get two million and I"m splitting the million that we played here for with you" .. (loosely)

    I understand now. She's keeping the million she won from the first show to herself and splitting theirs. Ah.. well thats only right.

    I watched this to watch her get burnt ... but I feel better about her because she went with her heart, and then gave him half. She might not be as greedy as I thought.

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    Chihuahua's rule! drkim's Avatar
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    Well I liked the ending, or at least the 15 minutes of tonight's show that were original. This really could have been one hour long. Anyway, I for one was totally shocked that Chad choose Erin over the money. I'm also glad he did. Remember that they don't really get 2 million dollars - but some sort of yearly pay off for 40 years I believe.

    Anyway I thought Erin would choose Wade. It even occured to me that she would choose Wade not so much for the money but so she could see Chad again. I thought Erin would think Chad would go for the money, so they could never see each other again. By choosing Wade, she would get the 2 million, and then go find Chad and say she was terrified she'd never see him again - thus chose Wade to make sure she would see him (Chad) again. I also believed Wade would choose Erin over the money, and I would be really mad if Erin hurt Wade.

    Wade was my personal favorite on the show, but Chad and Erin were a better match. Wade needs a doctor as his sig o (now where oh where can we find him a nice doctor????)

    So I'm happy for Erin and Chad and wish them good luck. And I'm happy that Wade is single - he deserves better.
    Spay and Neuter your Pets!

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    Well, really, what else could she do? She had to offer him a cut. Imagine how fast that relationship would go down the tube (if it's real) if she didn't offer him a dime and just flashed around her 2M.

    I don't know exactly what she said by I think Chad read it the same way I did: she said she was playing for 2M and was going to give him half. Wonder if he got the same impression and was surprised (unpleasantly) when it wasn't 1M.

    And what's with the drama of having her write in the amount? Surely that was pre-arranged and not spontaneous. They have everything on the check printed out but the amount.

    If you can believe what reality show guests say, Erin said she was willing to gamble the 1M on a chance to fall in love. Well, she did (if you believe her) so the idea of her hoarding the extra $500,000 is a little telling, isn't it?

    Once the bloom is off the rose (if there is one), I think the issue of 1/2 of 1M or 2M will come between them.

    Nope, sorry. I like Erin but I think it was greedy to only split the $1M. After all, to split the $2 would have been saying to him, gues what? You win me and the money!

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