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Thread: 9/8 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Chad looked like he was ready to bail when she mentioned she had been playing for money too...until she said she was splitting the million he could have taken if he hadn't chosen her with him.
    Chad looked like he was ready to bail period. For someone who was just told, "I am falling inlove with you", he looked positively tortured. She didn't trust him and he was suspicous of her. Must say they are off to an arduous beginning.

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    What a sweet ending, it appeased the romantic in me I'm a sucker for happy endings! I'm not much for dragging 30 minutes of material over a 2 hour span, but whatever.

    Even the whole $2 mil over 40 years isn't that much a year. It comes out to $50k/year, depending on other income after Uncle Sam takes his chunk you're talking $25-37k. You could live on alright (above the poverty line, below the median income line) for the next couple years on that, but that amount won't grow with inflation. So, 39 years from now when she's in her late 60's, Erin will be getting a check for $19-25k, which might pay the rent for one month. Chad will be getting, oh, $7-10k per year, so 39 years from now he'll maybe be able to pay his car payment with it. For the time being, it's nice play money. If she saves up a couple years worth of those checks it could be a nice downpayment on a house. This didn't make either of them wealthy, though it makes things more comfy added to their regular incomes.

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    ugh! what a disappointment! i wanted somebody to lose. well, i guess somebody did: chad with his 500,000 payoff. that wasn't an attempt to clear the air for a relationship. it was more like "thanks for making me some money. now go away and let me kiss my producer boyfriend." i hated the whole gesture, especially because erin reminded chad (and us) "i didn't have do, but i want to." wow, its so much more gracious when you say something like that!

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    I got hooked finally on "reality" tv with BoyMeetsBoy, so after that ended I
    guess I was filling in the empty space. I have a buddy in Dallas who dated
    Rob of 4LOM1, so I was somewhat interested, although never tuned in.

    Although I enjoyed the "happy" ending last night, it appeared to me that it
    was scripted to carefully give the viewer that the opposite answer was coming
    until all was revealed. Both guys (Chad & Wade?) said in their interviews they
    didn't trust her and were leaning towards taking the money. She gave Wade
    a glowing review and made you think she was going to choose him before she
    rejected him. Finally, after she chose Chad, he hemmed and hawed and really
    gave the impression he was going to take the money instead of seeing her,
    all the way up to [you are great, BUT...]. Frankly I don't think Chad is
    articulate enough to have come up with that speech without scripting.

    So warm and fuzzy feelings, good escapism. No problem. My only regret in
    watching was that I was a little envious of the budget this production got in
    comparison to BMB, but I understand the viewing audience was much much

    The romantic in me hopes Chad and the girl live happily ever after


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