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Thread: Fess up Brock!

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    Fess up Brock!

    Chad had this to say on the NBC site:

    Did you watch the reunion at all?
    Yeah, I did. Vic was hilarious. I hear they all went crazy. Everyone was hooking up.

    Who hooked up??

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    Yeah! Dish, dish! We wanna know!

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    YES....tell us Brock??

    did the caveman score??

    I wonder how annoying alima the "virgin" was LOL...she is really working her 2 minutes of quasi fame LOL>>

    how were the gals of flom1?? any "love connections" between the girls and the guys??

    enquiring minds want to know

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    Brock said that there wasn't any of that in his post after filming the reunion. I'm wondering if the gang stayed up after the caveman went to bed.

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    well, i can assert no caveman nookie from the cast of show 1 for me (apparently, i proved to be much more popular with women who were NOT on TV).

    but unless something caligula happened after I left on monday, i only know of two hookups from the casts, and they weren't a really big deal.

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    I have a quick, nosy question ... what happened to you after you burned your check? Were you put up in a hotel somewhere, or did you get 'bus fare' back to your homes with an admonition not to say anything?
    Everytime I see someone walking away, I'm wondering how and when they will get home.
    I worry about these things ... lol

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    After we burned the fake checks and rode off in the fake cabs (note: LA cabs aren't yellow... those are movie set cabs), they shipped us straight off to the airport Sheraton in a van, and flew us all home the next morning. No vacation at a full-service resort for the fellas... we were on the next plane out of Saigon with strict instructions to tell no one nothing.

    When I got home I immediately lied to my roommates, and hid out from my friends, family and co-workers, and then made something up about filming getting finished early. Kinda ruined the surprise for everyone when I planned on being gone for 4 weeks and returned in 5 days.

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    BTW, NBC flew us all on ATA.

    That's a lot of acronyms, and evidence on just how cheap they are. I didn't even get frequent flier miles for this travesty!

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    Hi brock...I could not find your post about the 2 "possible hook ups"..

    my guess is fame starved alima and fame whore eric may have "hooked" up...alima is still doing some recaps on the reality online site LOL..

    alima seems soo desperate ..."well america he missed out on a virgin"...haha

    was she as creepy in real life?? of all them she and eric seem like the worst, most phoney two some..


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    Alima and Eric are not at all creepy in real life... very nice, and actually kind of quiet... maybe they get more amped up when the cameras are on.

    Y'all may feel free to guess who ended up coupling... it's not that exciting, but hell, it's more entertaining than watching that Farley-esque recap show... "remember when we went on the ropes course and you grabbed me and we fell? that was cool..."

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