View Poll Results: FLOM2: So why do you watch?

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  • I watch all reality dating shows

    5 6.17%
  • I really like the host Jordan

    0 0%
  • I heard about Rob Campos' sorid past and had to watch

    2 2.47%
  • I watched FLOM1, and was hooked

    35 43.21%
  • I think Erin is amazing and hope she'll find love

    3 3.70%
  • I was intriqued by the concept (Love v. Money)

    11 13.58%
  • I've committed my summer, now I have to watch finale

    20 24.69%
  • There's nothing else to watch on Monday night

    18 22.22%
  • I can't find the remote, and am too lazy to change channels

    2 2.47%
  • I don't have a life

    17 20.99%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: FLOM2: Why do you watch?

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    My sister, the evil one, made me watch one episode and she seemed interested. So I put it on the TiVo to record every week. She totally ditched me and never watched another ep with me! Then I was hooked and there was no escape.

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    I said that I was hooked, and I guess that I am.

    I have an addictive personality.

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    No life here.

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    Chihuahua's rule! drkim's Avatar
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    Well I watched FLOM 1 and really liked Erin. I found Rob's return entertaining so got hooked and am in for the long haul - and it is looooong.
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    Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer toasty's Avatar
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    I actually have no clue why I've watched this show. I was extremely disappointed with the first one, and I wasn't thrilled with the second.

    Morbid curiousity, I suppose?


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    [COLOR=Blue]Do not know why and do not care. I guess I am addicted.

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    I have no life, and I am a glutton for punishment.

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    I guess since I watched the first one I wanted to see what happened in the sequel, but what really kept me watching was the abundance of eye candy. I was mostly just hooked on Vic and Wade
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    Weeeeell - MY reason was None Of The Above LOL ...I watched for Rob! I hardly watched FLOM1 until I actually sat down and realized he was GORGEOUS! But I hated Erin. SO I didn't watch FLOM2. THEN my friend *she's evil as well* told me he was comming back on the show, so OBVIOUSLY I HAD to watch.

    But now that it's over I'm NEVER watching reality TV again! EVER! - Unless Rob does his own program or something.... or there's more scandals about him - I feel bad about it, but at least it's more pics of him to look at!!!

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