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Thread: TV Commercials Spoilers

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    Very interesting. . .

    I am very pro-Erin; I think she's very smart, ambitious and pretty.

    She studied tv production at USC and is now furthering her career by doing this show. Good career move.

    She is very good looking, in my opinion. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    And, what's wrong with an ambitious woman? I woule think her dopey to actually pursue love on a reality tv show.

    Go Erin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff

    My ideal scenario would be that she picks Wade for the cash, but he picks the million over her.
    She then can't see Chad because she didn't pick him.

    I can't see it happening that way though

    There's nothing that says she can't see Chad if she doesn't pick him. The rule is that if the guy chooses her over the $$, they can't see her.

    So... if she chooses Chad (or Wade) and he chooses the $, then he can't ever see Erin. Probably no big deal because a single hot looking guy with a cool million will be able to find lots of girls.

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