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Thread: 9/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I missed this part of the show when Paige was asked if she would've taken money over Rob. What did she answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    I disagree. Either the editors of the show are very sloppy or they are intentionally giving away clues every week (not necessarily in the previews to next week, but certainly during the coming up segments of the show itself). It is very rare that you don't know for certain who is leaving before the end of the show. Last week it was the ring on the middle finger indicating 100% that it was Rob handing the ring back.
    Somebody just screwed up.

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    No screw-ups

    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness
    Somebody just screwed up.
    When you work on a reality tv show - directed at audiences... you DON'T screw up. Those ppl work with the audience's emotions - promos (false hopes and potential "happy endings") to make us watch the next week. Wether it's making you think you've figured it out ("Last week it was the ring on the middle finger = it's Rob that leaves") or making you think they're constantly tricking you ("Whatever they show on the promos, the opposite always happens"), they're MAKING you watch next week. You want to KNOW that you're right in your conspiracy/sloppy editing theories. THEY'RE MAKING you want to know that you're right.

    Our egos make us watch - either to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we were right, or to bad-mouth the show when we're wrong. They're working with our egos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissPoison
    I missed this part of the show when Paige was asked if she would've taken money over Rob. What did she answer?
    She said she would have chosen Rob.

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    They CAN screw up. I've read about a promo for that "Who Wants to Marry My Dad" which did this--showed a hand of a woman being proposed to, and people spotted it as the "winners" hand.

    But did this happen again?

    Probably not. Its JUST as likely this was manipulated. The networks have little spies out reading boards like this all of the time. They'd possibly have seen discussion of the previous mistakes and could well be using them to snooker people this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahgirl
    I do not think that Eric is more sophisticated than Paige. Reciting Shakespeare and kissing Erin's butt does nothing to tell me that he is any better than Paige. Paige at least did not try to be someone that she was not she allowed herself to be who she is and yes she was alittle immature on the show but I can't blame her she was only 21. I think Paige came off very well on this reunion special better than anyone up on stage in my opinion.

    I think that both Paige and Eric wear their heart on their sleaves and would make a cute couple.
    Yuk, Eric is sleezy ... And Paige, though big drama is somewhat classy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    They CAN screw up.
    Anybody that watched FLOM 1 surely remember this: they showed a clip of the girl that was going to be sent home that night, she was throwing her check in the fire and in this clip, we saw a big red sleeve and only one girl was wearing a red outfit that night, Laura. I will always remember that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality Bites
    Was it me, or did Wade give Erin a dirty look when he first walked out at the end of the show. It makes me wonder if she picked Chad and he's upset, or she picked Wade and he took her over the money and then she took the money and said thank you very much, bye, bye...
    Yes I noticed that too. Wade was little wired when he first got in. Erin had fake laughing continously.
    Looks like it is with Wade and Erin. And also when Chad entered I saw little embarassment in his face. Looks like he got dissed. Also he said she is a damn good actress with a sad face.

    I guess it is after the decision.

    But I am not sure what would be Wade's decision. Now in real life back in Dallas Wade & Rob seem to be watching the show together. That makes me to think unless other wise Rob is comfortable he would not be with him. Before the preview I thought Wade got rejected. Now I think it is defanately Wade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benicecomics
    It was sad to see Page's feelings still for Rob and I am disappointed that Rob didn't come out and admitted he made a mistake not choosing her over the Gold digger..
    Yes that is true. that guy is still a moran. I felt too bad for Paige.

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    finally watched my tape of this show (yeah so i taped it... you want to make something out of it?). anyways, despite brock's warnings that we'd be disappointed i found it worthwhile for a couple of reasons.

    1) my goodness! the horrible fashion. erin's i've grown to expect, but alima's top or dress or whatever made her look like a purple gumby. her neck was so wide and flat. honey, if you'd really made "friends" during this experience they would have told you not to wear that.

    2) almost all of the women raising their hands to claim they would have done the "vic" having been given the chance. yes, it was nice and humiliating towards rob but so hard to believe. if they would have left for that little(in comparison to the prize), why didn't they just up and leave for free. and the tranny reminding vic that jordan said "starts." um, the point of an auction "starting" anywhere is because whatever is being auctioned is scarce (in this case one chance to leave and get paid) and others might also want it. vic knew he wanted it, he took it, thought greg might leave, it was a smart move.

    3) lauren's defense of the boot incident. "he said hey lauren c'mer!" yeah lauren that explains it. i think she said something about how money was on the line. so she basically said i wouldn't let a guy i was into put his boot on my butt but if there is a million dollar payout, well then all bets are off. i know she was the most honest in confessionals but her defense made her sound like a regular whore rather than a famewhore.

    4) paige came off well (despite that terrible outfit, white casaul mini plus fancy black top, ugh! luckily she was near erin and so she looked good in context). i think anybody on this show should consider hiring paige's publicist. she manages to not look quite as bad as everybody else despite being the worst reality tv offender of the bunch. how does she do that?

    5) i can't believe i'm saying this but eric was a close second. he was nice enough to point out that vic had the distinction of being the only dumper rather than dumpee (other than the winners) and also got in a dig at the producers, when he said that you can only be told so many times that its a game before you believe it. good job eric!
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