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Thread: Erin is SMART

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    Erin is SMART

    Hey, guys, I am totally convinced that Erin is SMART. She is a very calculating person and knows exactly what she is doing.

    She really likes Chad and wants him to pick her. Therefore, she is strategically showing Wade that she is not romantically involved with him. Wade will for sure talk to Chad about it and this alone can make Chad feel better regarding Erin's intentions. Now, she is going to tell Chad that after their 24-hours date, she feels deeply for him, everything is clear for her now and she wants to be with him and nobody else. She could not say anything similar to this before the 24-hour date with him simply because they did not spend enough time together and he would not believe her. But now I think he could buy it especially if Wade told him that after the first date with Chad Erin was not comfortable with Wade on their date. Great plan, Erin!

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    SMART, but afflicted with tunnel vision

    Very true that Erin is calculating.

    But I think that she is actually losing some control now due to her tunnel vision for Chad. She is unable to even pretend to like the other guys.

    It would be more strategic for her to lead Wade on to make sure he was ready if she goes for him as the "safe" move, or to lead him on with the hope of arousing some possessive jealousy in Chad.

    I think that she is calculating, but losing control.

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    Erin is a coward...

    because she dropped Rob,out of fear that he knew the rools of the game.
    Even if he was the most gorgeouse man with great attitude!
    He was the only one who looked like a REAL man, not like those
    teenagery boys next door., Wade beeing a little more mannish
    than Chad.
    She will probably pick up Chad: they look somewhat similar, both very
    She is photogenic and cute, but she already has too many wrinkles
    for her age: too much giggling...
    I would pick the money over her, no dought.And I am glad that such great guy as Rob is out of the rat race:he deserves much better than that flake Erin!

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    I agree, Erin is smart! Good for her!

    And now everyone feels so sorry for Rob. . . the very Rob they hated at the close of FLOM 1 for his on screen hot tub behavior and leading on of poor innocent Paige.

    Most people here seem to be predisposed to dislike a winning woman.

    Most people here seem to resent Erin for being smart. Go figure.

    They want her to chose "love" (yeah, right!) that materialized in 3 dates or less. . . over gobs of dough.

    Then they criticize her for not playing the game smarter (i.e., leading Wade on better).

    Typical that a smart, ambitious, pretty woman will be villified.

    Go Erin!

    Win the game!

    I'm all for you all the way!

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