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Thread: Does Anyone Else Think Erins A Gold Digger?!

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    I think Erin is definitely in this game for the money. I think she didn't pick Rob because she was afraid he would pay her back and choose the money over her.

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    I hope she picks Wade and upon discovering the whole history and how this whole "relationship" has been based on lies, Wade doesn't pick her and picks the money instead...

    That would be great TV....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirl
    When are we finally going to get "it?" This is such a tired concept already. Nobody does it for love, not on TV, not on this stupid show, not bloody likely.

    The funny thing is, we all want to delude ourselves into thinking that it's not contrived and we are not being manipulated.

    We are.
    True...this is just like the first Survivor, when we all thought that the person w/ best survival skills would win, only to find out the cruel truth that the person that was the most ruthless with the best strategy won.

    Of all these "dating" shows, I think only one has produced anything close to a stable relationship after the show, so Erin would really be naively optimistic and/or romantically desparate to take "love" over the "money." Although this may make her look like a "gold digger", it really just shows that she understands the reality of Reality TV better than most of the audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardmarshal
    After thinking about it for a while I don't think she is a gold digger. If she is a gold digger, she would have kept Rob and gotten rid of Chad. Chad is the only one that might pick the money. Rob and Wade would pick her then she gets the money and the guy. I think she is doing the same thing as Rob did in FLOM1

    So you'd trust someone you've backstabbed before to guard your back?

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    Well, if playing to win makes you a gold digger, then heck yeah Erin's a great gold digger!

    Do Erin! Win the money!

    Unbelieveable that people viewing this show think that it's about love! They will believe anything that they are told. . . "For Love. . . " give me a break.

    It's not about love.

    One appears on a reality tv show scripted by Hollywood the sensible, reasoned approach is to play to win.

    Win what?

    Win the prize that is attainable, i.e., $.

    Love isn't attainable under these circumstances.

    People believe in all sorts of horseshit--love at first sight on reality tv show's for love or money. . . . the toothfairy, santa claus and stuff like that.

    It's fantasy. Not reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneheadlight
    Do Erin! Win the money!
    Ya think either of the guys know about this particular bit of strategy?

    Maybe that's the final twist in the show...

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    Ya think either of the guys know about this particular bit of strategy?

    Maybe that's the final twist in the show...

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    The editors have led us to believe that both Wade and Chad are as capable as Erin at playing this game to win the $.

    At least comments from Chad and Wade suggest as much to me.

    The final twist: ouch!

    Sounds like it hurts.

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    I don't know if it's only her playing the game but with what I've seen from her, she is definitly not the kind of girl I would have my best friend hooked up with... :nono

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