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Thread: San Francisco

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    I was surprised to hear this comment too. I have friends in San Francisco and the city is pretty much on a par with any major city in the U.S. as far as the social scene is concerned. Gay/Straight doesn't really impact it that much, it's commitment phobia more than anything else.

    I am even wondering if they were told to say something like that, because most of the voiceovers and things said on the show seem so "scripted."

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    Erin mentioned that they'd been friends since they were five years old and know everything there is to know about each other. I've heard that straight guys in SF can "pick and choose" from a pool of very eligible woman. Why is it so hard to believe that Erin's experience with guys from SF hasn't been great to say the least? Let's not forget that when we first met her, she was trolling on a Reality show for a husband. We all have different experiences, and just because we haven't personally experienced something does not make it any less likely or unreal.

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