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Thread: Poll: Who Will Be The Final Man Standing?

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    Poll: Who Will Be The Final Man Standing?

    Which of the remaining men will Erin ultimately choose?

    We'll ask whether he will choose Erin or the money in a later poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneheadlight

    Rob is a plant: Erin's going along with the producers to try to produce a more interesting show. . . (itsn't working).

    Just the final twist, like when Rob chose her over Paige. . . everyone thought Paige was in like Flynn (including Erin!).

    My 2 cents.

    Erin said she wouldn't play Rob again for the money. I think by not eliminating him on Monday she is playing him again, of course there is that old "contestant may be consulted by producers yadda yadda yadda... " Do ya think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname
    Chad is prettier than she is and she is VERY physically attracted to him.
    I disagree that Chad is better looking than Erin. I think they are comparable and look nice together.

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