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Thread: 08/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzer
    :I still want to date Wade.
    Yes, he seems like a great guy

    Ok... but if the guy IS stupid engouh to take the girl, then they will 2M...
    True enough, but watching someone win a million dollars isn't the vicarious thrill that it used to be about 20 or so reality shows ago.

    Honestly, if it weren't summer I'd never bother to tune in to this one.

    But I'd watch Lisa be forced to date Robert over and over again ANY time. lol

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    Who got kicked off last night?

    I fell asleep and need to know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xoJennaxo
    I fell asleep and need to know!

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    You didn't miss anything. Erin rejected Rob "again". And Rob kept saying that Erin still doesn't realize that he really really loves her and would pick her over the money anyday.

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    Don't know the forest location, sorry.

    Don't know the show outcome either. Yet.

    I vote for Chad since he and Erin seem to be suited for one another; but that's from the angle the camera is showing me. . . perhaps it's just because there is very little chemistry between Erin and Wade and none to speak of between Erin and Rob.

    In any event, picking Wade makes the best sense: he's the type of man we have our children with. . . but heck, he's a Texan, and I know that Texans are a unique breed. . . maybe he just plays well as a gentleman on TV.

    Toss up. Wade or Chad. Sort of like Erin or Paige in FLOM 1, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    I felt bad for Rob, but it was so obvious that Erin didn't feel anything for him. I loved Rob's word to Erin about not finding love if she doesn't open up to anybody. I bet they went straight to Erin's heart. IMHO, She's going for the money (has been since FLOM1).
    Yeah...who knew, right? I mean, in FLOM1 she was making out with him, cutting out little paper giraffe valentines for him, and telling him how he "grabbed her heart". Hmmmmmm. Funny how fast things changed after she got the check. Not that I doubt her sincerity or anything, of course......not.

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