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Thread: Any other Rob fans on here?

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    Umm...if you read the first post, Stebo started this thread for Rob FANS. If people want to bash Rob, that's okay. Please do that on any of the other threads, though. Trying to keep this one on a positive note.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    Let's not forget, folks... Rob is getting paid for this appearance. He may be sincere when he says he likes Erin, but he still isn't doing this for free. And it's not like he chose her last time thinking 'there goes my cash'... he had to be pretty sure she'd choose him as well. And the fact that Paige appeared to be pretty immature and unbalanced made her far from a sure thing when it came to the cash too.

    This appearance is the first time he's gone in with cash in pocket, no matter what.
    I agree Brock. He would not do this unless he gets the money.

    And what I think either he is not accepting his failure that Erin rejected him or he is slow in understanding the other people feelings.

    If he is sincere or honest he might have choosen Paige or got rid off her in the initial rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    I can't figure our if I am the only one?! I am cheering for Rob on this - I think his intentions are good (but they could be Dr. Evil) but I think they are good and I am cheering for him all the way. Please only respond if you are cheering for Rob, too. If I want to read Rob bashing and haters than I need look no farther than every other single thread on this board. This thread is for the people CHEERING for Rob to either win the money or to win Erin at the end of this. I get the feeling this could be a short thread but I just have to see if I am alone!
    Just to let you know that I'm cheering for Rob too. Honestly I think that people like us simply do not bother with singning in here, cause they have better things to do in life than being sarcastic about every single thing they've watched.
    So I just signed in to tell you're not alone and I KNOW there are people who share our opinion.
    I started watching FLOM2 only because he came back. Now I guess I'm done, because I do not like Erin anymore, and other guys can't measure up to Rob.
    Most of people on this forum just do not seem to get that love is most important in life. Sarcastic words come from unfulfilled hearts. I guess most of them have nothing else to do than spent their DAYS writing here. I guess that's all their private life is about? Or else they are retired and have nothing more interesting to do.

    So this is my opinion.

    Rob, if you read this, which I doubt, please know that my partner is very much like you and we are having wonderfull time together since we've met 9 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever_08
    I don't know what you all are talking about. :fyou
    I did not hate Rob or something. He is a very handsome guy. And also he has good a heart.

    But still could not he make a good decision??????

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    I have Rob in my house!

    SERIOUSLY! My husband does a DEAD ON Rob impersonation and it FREAKS ME OUT! He just finished reading the Rob interview out loud and it's like my gorgeous husband morphed into Rob. <<<>>>

    Quote Originally Posted by jakersnake
    Not bashing, not hating, but I think you're in for a very lonely thread, here.

    Though, to be fair, I'll say it... He still creeps me out, he's still kinda smarms his way all over my screen, but I didn't hate him NEARLY as much as I wanted to. For some reason, his confessional interviews seemed to be (slightly) more animated (thereby not making me feel the need to drive a screwdriver into my ears everytime he spoke), he really did seem like he was there for a second chance with someone he found to be a great girl, and after the video, when Erin said (kinda thoughtlessly, too) 'wow, didn't you think that was weird...blah, blah, I'm an emotionless fem-bot, blah, blah', the look on his face... Man, I actually felt for the guy. That had to be ROUGH, going back to that.

    And, if it weren't for Rob's arrvial, we'd probably have to listen to another week of Eric's drivel... Granted, with Eric and Rob it's kind of the lesser of two skeevils, but at least I'm used to tuning Rob out at this point.

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    yep, still a fan after this episode. but i guess i like those kinds of people (whether they are fools or heroes) who take on the impossible task.

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