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Thread: Any other Rob fans on here?

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    I didn't like Rob during the first season, but last night it was like watching a different person. I found him to be pretty sincere, and I now I like him.

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    I think he's sincere and probably a nice guy. He's just dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRealityShow
    I think he's sincere and probably a nice guy. He's just dumb.
    very very dumb

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    Let's not forget, folks... Rob is getting paid for this appearance. He may be sincere when he says he likes Erin, but he still isn't doing this for free. And it's not like he chose her last time thinking 'there goes my cash'... he had to be pretty sure she'd choose him as well. And the fact that Paige appeared to be pretty immature and unbalanced made her far from a sure thing when it came to the cash too.

    This appearance is the first time he's gone in with cash in pocket, no matter what.

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    Actually, Rob has grown on me. There was a lot of Rob bashing on FLOM-1, mostly because of the past groping incident in the military. But I still contend there are two sides to every story, and any man accused of a sexual attack (even if "she was on top") would probably agree with that. (Re: 6/9/03.) Also, Rob wasn't very articulate on the show, but I imagine he was also quite nervous. That's understandable.

    I thought he handled being dumped by Erin very graciously, and I think he has expressed his feelings very well this time around. Plus, I still think he's very good looking ... except for the hair. Geez, why doesn't he get a good cut and wash some of that grease out of it? Brylcream went out 40 years ago.

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    I only watched the last episode of FLOM1, and I didn't really think that much of Rob. He's got to do something with that icky hair , other than that, he's not that bad.

    Rob took a chance by picking Erin, and that speaks volume about him, imo. He knew that the million dollars would be in his pocket if he picked Paige, but he did the right thing, and picked the girl that he felt more compatible with. Rob also took the rejection very well, and he's back, knowing that he could be rejected again.

    I know that sometimes it takes time for some people to let their true personality come out, so I don't fault him for his lack of personality (even though I've joked about it) Rob comes across (to me) as being sincere, so does Wade, for that matter. It doesn't seem like there are sparks between Erin and Rob, so I doubt that Erin will pick him. If for some reason she does pick him, I hope that Rob takes the money and run. (but of course, I know he won't do that. He would probably pick the greedy Erin. )
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    I'm going to have to jump on the Rob band-wagon. To me it seems like he did the right thing in the first show--he followed his heart. (or so he says) He handled being rejected for $$ really well. He seems like a pretty nice guy. However, I want to wash his hair. Yikes. The Fab Five from Queer Eye need to pay a visit to FLOM2 and have the fellows ditch all that hair gel/grease. ICK!

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    My, how quickly we forget. . .

    The incident in the military plus

    the incident in the hot tub plus

    the leading on of poor innocent Paige. . .

    what a guy, eh?

    Rob sucks.


    and he's stupid too.

    bad hair. very bad hair.

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    forgot to add

    Rob, for crying out loud, doesn't even know Erin's eyes are brown!

    Ugh. That's true love for you.

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    Exactly correct - he needs to wash his hair!!!!!
    And why is he on the show again? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Erin do not pick Rob! Of course she could make a deal with him so they could split the money!! That's a thought Erin and Rob gossiping.

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