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Thread: What is "edginess" and why is it a good thing?

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    Chad edgy?? Not the word I would use. He seems more sophisticated and smooth - very aware of his looks and affect on women. I think he is used to getting his way with women and winning them over. Having to compete must be a real challenge for him and rather humbling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    See? He's Rolling On the Floor Laughing

    Thanks, Bumpkin. Now I see what I thought was some oddly placed bandage is really the super large teeth laughing.

    Anyway, whatever anyone wants to call Chad -- he is pretty hot and I think Erin has taken a true liking to him. But, I like Wade, too. Now that Eric is gone which is the main thing I was hoping for, I don't have a favorite to win or lose. Not that I think this will be a lasting relationship anyway. This seems all about the fame (even more so than the money).

    Brock -- I get the distinct impression that you don't like Erin much.

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