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Thread: 8/18 show discussion: SPOILERS

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    Read this whole thread, but no one commented on how Chad assigned the dates. Was anyone surprised by that?? Each date turned out to be fine--plenty of time to be alone. But I was surprised that Chad picked deep sea fishing.

    Did you think Wade's date was an advantage or disadvantage for him? Little snuggle time with Erin (he must have been so bummed by those chairs separated by a table!) but he got the endorsement of her sister.

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    Rob will be one of the last 2 standing. The producers didn't go to all of the trouble to bring him back as one of the "big twists" just to have Erin send him packing right away.

    I thought the surprise girl next week was Paige too but my husband pointed out that the girl they showed didn't quite look like Paige. The hair looked shorter and darker. Maybe Kelly? Or it could be Paige and they just had her wear her hair up to throw everyone off...

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    finally eriC is gone. eriN tolerated (and was smitten with) the oiliness, the butt-kissing, the smarminess, the likeliness of ridiculous quotes to spew forth, and the fact that none of the other guys liked him. she drew the line, however, at mocking her - - did anybody else catch him say "with that" at the end of his fireside chat?

    seriously, i think he is gone because rob came in to fill the "producer's choice" slot. if you think about it, on most of these shows the crucial elimination happens in the last three (meaning next week) where there are two contestants between which there could be a reasonable choice (Wade and Chad) and a floater that makes it interesting (Eric replaced by Rob, in this case making it way more interesting).

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    How can Rob not know what colour eyes she has?
    Did he deliberately throw the comp or is his just a moron?

    Well, after giving her a photo album of pics of him and her together, seems he had PLENTY time to get the eye color straight.

    awwww, he didn't ever notice her eyes...aint love cute.

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    I think it may be Kelly coming back next week, only because the producers know everyone will jump to the conclusion that it's Paige. Erin will probably eliminate Chad next, unless Wade or Rob does something really stupid, as Chad is the one she keeps saying she's not comfortable that he'll pick her.

    Oh yeah - so glad Eric the Whine is gone, gone, gone!
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    I have to say after not watching the show for a few weeks, I'm pretty proud of my guys... they held together well, took the high road most of the time, and finally reacted like normal humans when Rob showed up. They should be fired up and distrustful now... I just hope Eric wasn't the only one who got his AWACs in working condition about Erin's motives... guess we'll have to wait to see.

    I do wish it would just come down to an old-school Aggie fistfight between Wade and Rob, tho... just for entertainment value.

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    Yea - let them duke it out!!!!!hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa

    I do not really think Rob should have been brought back - he just does not do it for me. I know it's not about me but I think Wade is really being sincere (Any ways I hope so).

    Can't wait for next week!

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    [QUOTE]Erin will probably eliminate Chad next, unless Wade or Rob does something really stupid, as Chad is the one she keeps saying she's not comfortable that he'll pick her.[QUOTE]

    Like I've said before (I don't remember where), I think Chad will be in the last two... BECAUSE we don't know if he'd pick her... For intertainment purpose. I think.

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    Rob is still as unsincere and smarmy as ever. She must have been coached to keep him. She had better not pick him after all the better guys she had a a chance at .

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    Yes, I think Erin was told to keep Rob around. I'm sure there was some behind the scenes dealing going on. Maybe they offered her some money to keep him around. The producers woudln't want to bring him back just to have him kicked off the same show. I think his presence does add to the show and definitely makes me want to watch. It's like a bad accident - u know it'll be unpleasant but u just can't help but take a peek.

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