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Thread: Episode 5 Recap - The Telltale Heart

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    [QUOTE=Bumpkin][QUOTE=Danagabrielle]Just a dream... yeah... It would be so easy though for them to make dvds

    Wow. I've never even considered this. It's a fun, mindless sort of show, but I've never thought it worthy of DVD status.

    Good to know FLOM2 has such avid fans!

    well not that avid,well not in my case.but with dvds you can get more insight into the working of the show and see what the women really thought of rob and the situation they were in.the gossip,the back stabbing.you would have a field day recapping all of the extras.hey isn't that a recappers dream job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drkim
    Thanks for the great recap, I've missed several episodes. Rob back!!! Wow what a twist. I almost feel sorry for him, I'm pretty sure Erin will send him packing soon. To be rejected twice by her is harsh. Doesn't he learn?
    drkim! I've missed you! Glad you were able to catch up with the recaps.

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