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Thread: Final Predictions

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    In an interview, it says "According to his contract, he (Rob) in unable to reveal many details regarding the upcoming episodes. However, he allows that he went to the NBC Web site, and voted for Wade, a fellow Texan to be the last man standing."

    Chad, if you need a consolation prize, I'm here

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    Since Rob is not exactly the greatest handicapper in the world as far as picking winners, I have to guess Chad (Although I think Wade would take Erin over the money)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missin Dave
    I think Rob will get his heart "broken" again just to make people feel bad for him and so there is a twist to keep them watching the next week!
    missin, maybe they'll bring in dave to woo Erin?

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    I'm not sure it matters which guy makes it to the end. I'm pretty certain in my mind that Erin walks away with the 'consolation' prize and NONE of the guys. She hasn't opened herself enough to fall in love for any of these guys. Chad already sees it and is suspicious.
    The word is that she is/has moved to California to follow up on show biz
    offers. Her motives all along were $ and publicity.

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    My prediction:

    Rob goes. . . he runs away with Paige who Erin pays to take Rob off her hands!

    Erin wins the money and the guy when. . . .

    Chad is chosen as her final guy. . .

    Wade falls on the sword. . .

    or maybe,

    Erin choses Wade and Chad takes his wonderful mouth elsewhere. . .

    Rob. . . oh, who cares what happens to Rob!

    The show is at least watchable now since Eric (ickkkk) is gone.

    Whew, at least something makes sense in the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danagabrielle
    I like Chad V. and I hope that Rob's return won't ruin his chances to stand in the last 2.

    Waht do you think?

    I think she is most attracted to Chad but I heard on another board that she is afraid to choose him because, according to the show rules, if he rejects her she may never get a chance to see him again. However, I thought this rule applied to the previous FLOM and here's Rob. Go figure.

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    Okay. . .

    It's gonna be Chad!

    No, it's gonna be Wade!

    No, it's probably Chad!

    No, it's probably Wade!

    I cannot make up my mind! It's like Paige/Erin. . . it sure seemed like everyone thought Paige was the shoe-in. . . . and Erin the "darkhorse."

    I rather doubt Rob will survive, so to speak.

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    I am rooting for Wade to be the last man standing. Of course if he is not I would be more than happy to comfort him.
    A cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home

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