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Thread: The FORT interview with Rob Campos

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    I still think he's a weasel. That smirk he gave when Eric was eliminated was uncalled for...

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    Oh boy. . . cannot believe that anyone finds Rob interesting in the least. He's about as charming as a dead tree to me.

    And haircut, come on guy! Clip that stuff!

    Good riddance to Eric--he was my least favorite guy.

    Kuddos to Erin! I'm in her court all the way! I like her, I think that she's smart and pretty. I want her to win!!!! Whatever that means.

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    Because eric rubs people the wrong way.
    Rob hadn't been around him long enough to truly know who Eric is.
    I hated Eric in the beginning too and would have smirked if I was Rob too.
    I just totally respect Eric for figuring out Erin before any of the more mature guys.

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    I agree the hair on some of those guys was just too much.
    Bad hair, nice guys.
    Erin isn't so perfect either, that stupid head tilting is a big turn off, more than the bad hair.

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