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Thread: Erin is worth...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    anyone see the article in one of the tabloids this week? all about how erin will never find love because she's in it only for money, attention and fame.

    oooooh, what a catch NBC lined up for us! the longer this show goes on, the more i think my instincts about women actually are accurate... erin was suspect from the first second.
    Hi brockdrywall,
    you bring us more interesting news. Can you please post the link

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    Yeah, Sean. Can you post the link, please!

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    I dunno if it's online... saw it in the supermarket checkout line... i think it was th national examiner.

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    oh i am so happy about it being $10,000. i had speculated in another thread that it would be exactly that... and then hoped it would actually be less. the smaller the amount the more likely that Erin will be rattled. I don't care if they are prompting her in those interviews, she sounds far too smug.

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